Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sunwoo Cosme Vitamin Gold Essence Mask

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What it is?
Skin Brightening Mask

What it does?
Formulated with micro gold ingredients that help balance skin and hypoallergenic components with low irritation to prevent spots and breakouts. Gold also helps brighten skin, giving it a youthful, radiant glow. This sheet mask absobs fast without any sticky residue on the skin. Each box comes with 10 individual sheets.

Brought these masks with me during my trip to Hua Hin. And I had a mask night with my friend, Sean – who happens to be a skincare junkie. Lol.

My/Sean’s thoughts on this Mask?
Mask sheet is a little thin however; it is filled with generous amount of essence. There were still some residues left after we removed the mask from the packaging. I’d normally apply the remaining essence all over my neck instead of throwing them away. It was easy to put on but we both felt that the mask keeps sliding down from our faces. It is probably because of the thinness of the sheet? So it is best that you lie down when the mask is on. The result? No drastic difference however, I noticed that my complexion looks a bit more radiant the next day.


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