Friday, November 10, 2017

Tuina Massage @ True Aesthetics

Recently, I was invited by Maggie from True Aesthetics to try out their Tuina massage. For someone who LOVESSSSS massage, of course I said yes! The only issue is that I wasn't sure what Tuina massage is. The massage that I've gone for were mostly aromatherapy massage. So I was really curious to experience it.
I googled and found out that Tuina is actually therapeutic form of massage. It focuses on points and meridian area, helps to lessen the muscle tension and work on blockage that are build up by toxins. Tuina massage typically lasts from 30 mins to 60mins.

Abby was my therapist for that day. She has more than 20 years of experience in Tuina massage. She also speaks fluent Malay; hence communicating with her was easy since I can only converse in Malay and English. I always had difficulties communicating with most of the therapist as they only speak mandarin and very little English.

Before my session commenced, Abby lightly (Read: Lightly) touched my shoulders and she could already tell that it was stiff. I’m like what? Not trying to exaggerate here but based on my past experience, they could only feel that it's stiff once they started massaging my shoulder.

During my session, Abby would always check if I felt any discomfort or pain. To be frank, it was painful considering this was my first time trying Tuina massage. But I’d say it wasn’t painful, painful? The pain was bearable la.

As she pressed and rubbed my left hip, she asked if I felt any pain at that area. Then she proceeds to do the same on my right hip and asked again if I felt any pain. Unlike my left hip, I didn’t feel any pain when she press and rub my right hip. She then explained that I have been using my left hip when I sit. I hate to admit this but yes, I like to rest my hip to the left when I sit because I am such a weirdo like that.

My body felt so much lighter and refreshed after the treatment. Now I could really feel the difference between an Aromatherapy massage and Tuina massage.

Thank you Maggie and True Aesthetics for the kind hospitality! :)

If you're keen to give Tuina massage a try...

True Aesthetics is offering a trial Tuina massage at only $48! (Usual Price $98)
And just for my readers, enjoy an additional 10% off just by quoting my name!

*Please consult the therapist on suitability for your condition before seeking treatment.

True Aesthetics not only offers Tuina Massage service, they also offer IPL, Facial and Slimming services. Give them a call should you have any enquiries. They will be more than happy to assist!

Address: Blk 2, Thomson Road #01-653 Balestier Shopping Hill Center, 320002
Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm
Phone: 6358 2672 


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