Thursday, August 31, 2017

Crystal Dia Cheek Stick

Blushers are my favorite beauty product apart from lipsticks and highlighters. As I don’t normally put on full make up, I feel that blusher really helps to make you look healthier and awake. Besides, that’s the only way to fake on having rosy cheeks. HA.

That aside, introducing you the Crystal Dia Cheek Sticks!

Crystal Dia Cheek Stick come in 5 Color Ways:
#1 Indian Pink
#2 Peachy Pink
#3 Coral Pink 
#4 Flower Pink
#5 Brown

The one I'm currently using is Coral Pink! This cheek stick is a dual ended blusher and brush, hence making it travel friendly. However, I don’t think I’m gonna use the brush as I felt that the brush picks up the product as I swirl it on my cheeks. I would suggest blending the product with your fingers instead. That way, the product would spread more evenly. BUT it’d probably work with other make up brushes though? Just not the one that comes with it. :/

Here is how it looks like when swatched on my hand.

And here is how it looks like after I blend it.


Urghhh. The photos doesn't do justice, but I promise you it's a very pretty color!

Click here if you would like to know more about the products!


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