Thursday, July 13, 2017

OOTD #126

Grew tired of wearing this tartan dress over and over again but I really love the mermaid hem on this dress hence, decided to recycle and wore it as a skirt instead!

Paired this look with my new Bernetta Yingst crossbody bag in navy from MIZZUE! Come in 2 other colour way – Pink and Grey Blue. I chose navy cause… it’s the easiest to match for colour. HA. Sure, I love colours but sometimes I’m just too lazy to think ah. So I always opt for the most basic colour. Lol.

Oh and can I say that this bag is perfect for someone who loves to dump everything into their bag? Compartment is quite spacious considering it’s a small sized bag!

Top - Uniqlo | Tartan dress (worn as skirt) - Hong Kong | Bag - Mizzue SG | Sneakers - Puma |


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