Saturday, June 17, 2017

Drastic Haircut

Ok I’ve been wanting to blog about this the moment I had my locks chopped off la but wtf I kept procrastinating. So yes, I just wanted to say that I finally pluck up the courage to chop off my locks!!!! It all started when I saw photos of Alicia Amin and Shikin Gomez donning the short bob.

Image result for alicia amin shikin gomez

They’re the Asia’s Next Top Model Finalists, in case you’re wondering who they are. OMG I FREAKING LOVE THEM LAAAAA!!! Sad that Alicia was eliminated on episode 5 (correct me if I’m wrong) I was really rooting for her. But that’s okay. I have so much hope for Shikin now! Eh ok ok sorry I got carried away!

Back to where we were. I was so so inspired to have similar haircut! But I was a little hesitant at first. Firstly cause I have chubby cheeks. It would defo emphasize on my cheeks if I were to have short hair. Secondly, I was extremely scared! Last I had cropped hair was at the age of 18! That’s 10 years ago. I consulted my best friend and close friends, they all told me to go for it. Of course some of them were against it cause… sayang kan?! Rambut dah panjang gitu abeh nak potong.

After much consideration, I went ahead with it cause… YOLO! Hahaha. Also cause my hair was fried la ok. I walked into Gene by Ginrich Salon and told the stylist that I wanted a haircut.

 “I’d like to have my hair cut.”
“Yes can.”
“As in I wanna cut my hair short… Like really short.”
“Yah can!” 

Upon hearing how confident he sounds, I felt at ease. I had so much confidence in him.

I was right! He really did a good job. He was really meticulous. He even did a quick consultation with me and trying to understand what kind of look I was going for before proceeding to cut my hair.
I know I’d regret this later but for now… NO RAGRETS! HA!

Goodbye to my curling tongs and fried hair! New job, new haircut… What’s next? New Boyfriend? Bahahahahahaha. KK no.


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