Monday, May 01, 2017

Ash Blonde Highlights

A few weeks back, I went to Comb Salon to get my hair fixed. (My second visit! Click here if you wanna read!) I’m always so tired of my hair that I feel the need to re-color my hair again. Haha.

I wanted to go light this time but that would mean that I’d have to bleach my hair again. Stephanie (my hair stylist) was concerned about the condition of my hair and advised me to refrain from bleaching especially since my hair is fried! LOL. I kid you not, it’s really fried!!!

But being a stubborn person I am, I insisted on bleaching my hair again. HA. Not the whole hair, but just highlights. I mean, my hair is already spoiled. Might as well make it spoil altogether – Nurul’s nonsense logic. Please don’t follow my steps.

Fried hair aside. Very very happy with the aftermath. I chose Ash blonde for my highlights!

The Comb Salon
12 Gemmil Lane
Singapore 069252