Friday, March 17, 2017

OOTD #122

"I love your nudity look!", says a colleague.

HAHAHAHAHA. Nice one there!

And if there's anybody who ask me to "Send nudes", more than happy to send them these photos. Ha ha I'm so funny.

Anyway, this was my first attempt on styling a nude palette pairings. I mean, I'm always seen wearing bold prints and colorful outfits. So this is the first time (I should say) that I'm wearing something neutral.

Oh and just so you know. That's actually a pair of culottes la ok tapi memandangkan Sis ni kurang tinggi, it became a pair of pants. Hahaha. This was love at first sight! I remembered vividly when Fashionvalet posted a sneak peek of this piece on their instagram, I knew I had to get it!

This piece was actually a limited edition collection. It was a collaboration between Fashionvalet and  EH! - A number one malay magazine in Malaysia. This capsule collection was headed by 3 celebrities - Lisa Surihani, Scha Al Yahya and Nabila Huda.

Scha has always been my favorite Malaysian celebrity. Love her for her great sense of style and wittiness. And so... My culottes happened to be from her collection! What are the odds? Heh

Top - Shopatvelvet | Scha Pleated Culottes - EH! x Fashionvalet | Sneakers - Puma | Tasseled Earrings - Lovisa |