Thursday, March 02, 2017

OOTD #119

Previously, I had people asking me if I dared to wear a PJ set out. I said I would! But they didn't seem convinced. Haha. So here you go.

Did I receive stares from wearing this? Hell yes! lol. But i received compliments at the same time! tee hee.

A lady walk past me and even gave me a double turn. She must be thinking that I sleep walked all the way to Orchard Road. Haaaa.

When my manager saw my outfit first thing in the morning, she immediately went, "What's happening?!" (LOL)

"I woke up like this.", I said.

"I wished I could wear like that! But... I don't think they (the Upper management) would like it."

... WHO CARES IF THEY LIKE IT OR NOT? We're in the fashion industry and working for a fashion company? Just wear it if you think you can work it, I thought to myself. But oh wells.

PJ Set - Topshop | Sneakers - Puma | Mini Pandora Bag - Givenchy | Earrings - Lovisa |