Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bye 2015

Bye 2015. It was a bitter sweet memory with you.  I scored a better job offer and awesome team mates which I'm very grateful & contented with, get shortlisted as a finalist for HerWorld Streetstyle award, grew closer with the ex-colleagues (whaddup girl squad!) and then... I lost my other half, my first love. That's something I really did not expect to end the year with. Yeah sure, my IG feed may seem all happy and smiley cause haven't you heard? "It takes just one smile to hide a million tears". And yes yes, I am fully aware of what people have been talking about me just cause my feed/lifestyle seems happy and happening. Lmao. 

2015 has also taught me to be a bad ass bitch (Another term for strong. Haha) and be wary of the people around me. One moment they seem real, the next... You get what I mean. Distancing myself with these people. So far, I'm doing great! 

2016... I'm SO ready for you. Game on bish!