Saturday, September 19, 2015

New outfit every week with Her Changing Room!

My mum has been nagging at me about the overflowing clothes in my wardrobe. She now forbids me to buy anymore new clothes until I sort out the clothes that have been collecting dust in my room. But the problem with me is that... I need new clothes! How can I get new clothes without having to take up space in my wardrobe? 

Now that is when Her Changing Room comes into the picture. Her Changing Room is an e-commerce styling company that provides monthly rental subscription to customers. It was founded in 2014 by aspiring siblings, namely Shane, Kai, Ron and Kim.

Every box comes with 3 apparels and 2 accessories. You can choose from either their Weekly or Monthly subscription.  The weekly subscription is great for customers who wish to try just a box first. But of course, I’d highly encourage subscribing to their Premium box (monthly subscription) as it is cheaper than the weekly rate. Mode of payment is via Bank Transfer or Cash on delivery. 

  • -          $24.90 per week
  • -          Own for 5 working days
  • -          Free delivery and returns

  • -          $79.90 per month
  • -          UNLIMITED exchange service
  • -          Free delivery and returns

What if you happen to like one of the items in the box? Good news for you, you are able to purchase the item at a subscriber’s rate! It is definitely cheaper than the retail price! If the clothes you received do not fit or is not to your liking, it is exchangeable for other items via Her Changing Room’s free unlimited exchange service. Oh don't you worry about any smell, stains or defects on the merchandise cause Her Changing Room does multiple checks and cleaning procedure to ensure that the clothings they provide are of the highest quality. 

Unlike other subscription box, you may unsubscribe to this box ANYTIME! So fret not about having to commit. Haha.

My experience with Her Changing Room was smooth. All I had to do was sign up at Her Changing Room. Registration is FREE btw! Then I had to fill up a survey form that questions me about my style and preferences. Their in-house stylist would then pick 3 apparels and 2 accessories based on the information that I have provided them on the survey form. That’s it! All I had to do after that was to wait for them ring my door bell with my box! Hehe.

Here are my 2 favorite items I received from my first box:

- Holly Hot Pink Azelea Top by Raviezra
- Gold Squared Bracelet by Sovelle

Wearing the Holly Hot Pink Azelea top by Raviezra

I thought wearing the top itself looks very blah to me. So I added this chiffon kimono cardigan to make it less boring. Which one do you prefer? With or without the kimono cardigan? :B

Gold Squared Bracelet by Sovelle

The second box was my favorite thus far! Showing you my favorite 3 items I received from the second box:

- Dark Denim Dungarees by Mango
- Marianne Flora Midi Skirt by Raviezra
- Feather Layered Necklace by Forever 21

Matched the denim dungarees with my New Balance sneakers and Grey cap from Zara Men's for a sporty look!

Wearing Dark Denim Dungarees by Mango

Received some compliments from my colleagues that they love this skirt. I actually love it too. Hehe. The prints especially! For this look, I wanted to go for something bohemian. Hence, I paired the skirt with my black boots and chambray shirt. Rolling the sleeves up always makes it better. The Feather Layered Necklace goes well with the look that I wanted to go for. Just nice!

Marianne Flora Midi Skirt by Raviezra

Feather Layered Necklace by Forever 21

My favorite 2 items from the third box:

- Multi colored Dreamer Tube Top/Dress
- Pleated Metallic Collar Necklace by Accessorize

I'm not sure how you would wear this Multi colored Dreamer Tube Top/Dress but for me... I turned it into a dress. Well that's cause I erm... have short legs. LOL. So I definitely can afford to turn it into a dress. :B

Paired it with my Superga Sneakers, Topshop denim jacket and Zara Men's cap. Think off-duty look? Heh.

Wearing Multi Colored Tube Dress

Wearing Pleated Metallic Collared Necklace by Accessorize


This was my final box. So sad that it ends here. Boo hoo.

- Noteworthy 2 Toned Turquoise Tee by HerChangingRoom
- Egyptian Emboided Round Necklace by Accessorize

The Tee was not my kind of style but I thought I should try something different. So I didn't mind giving it a try. I was running out of ideas on how else I could pair this Tee with. Eventually decided to pair it with my denim culottes. Haha.

Wearing Noteworthy 2 Toned Turquoise Tee by HerChangingRoom

Wearing Egyptian Emboided Necklace by Accessorize.

As you can see, I really took advantage of their exchange service. It's so fun to receive new merchandise every week without having any idea what I will be receiving. It's like a surprise! You can expect a new and refreshed outfit every month! It also saves the hassle of arranging outfits on a day to day basis 

Her Changing Room is currently collaborating with brands like Eureka Jewellery, Sovelle, Vivianlly, Raveizra, Style Bliss, etc. Can't wait for other pending brands that are collaborating with them!

Her Changing Room is available by invitation only at the moment. But do like their page and visit Her Changing Room for new fashion tips and trends, and information of the subscription box!

Instagram: @hcrherchangingroom
Facebook: HerChangingRoom


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