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This Saigon trip would never be fun without these awesome bunch. So glad we're the "ok go" type of people. It makes everything easier! Thank you!

Day 1 - 7th March 2015, Saturday.

Our flight to Ho Chi Minh was at 7.40am. Yup, that calls for an early check in. I remember feeling all frustrated that day cause I couldn’t sleep. Ended up feeling all groggy throughout the day. Man, that feeling sucks!

Everyone's kopet face. lol

It was only the 4 of us cause Irfan decided to bail us out. Kidding! He took an earlier flight before us. Pfft.

Please don't mind us. It's a habit for us to do silly faces in our selfies. What are besties for right? Hehe.
Reunited with my bae, Irfan!

We arrived Ho Chi Minh about 8.40am (Local time)? Vietnam time is one hour later than Singapore. Oh before we got a cab, Irfan and I went to purchase a sim card. Buy from the very last shop! It's located all the way at the end. They offer a cheaper sim card. While other shops offer us about VND300,000 (S$19.30)? That shop we got our sim card from sells it for only VND110,000 (S$7.10)! Super cheap la.

For taxi wise, always request to go by meter. The most trusted Taxi companies would be Vinasun and Mailinh.

Audi booked a 3-Bedroom apartment for us but when we arrived, we were told by the receptionist that they are all fully booked. So we were upgraded to a 4-Bedroom Executive. Even better! Yassssss! Thank you for the free upgrade and complimentary fruits, Somerset Serviced Residence!

I totally forgot to take some pictures of our apartment cause all of us were excited to chope a room for ourselves. Berebut bilik. It feels like we're in America's Next Top Model. Haha. All of us got ourselves our own room except for Badd and Amy. Both of them shared the Master Bedroom and only their room has a TV. UNFAIR! Of all the bedrooms, my room was the saddest. No bathroom, no TV, no good view and no mirror! Pfft. But my bathroom was just outside my room. I needed only few steps to reach to the bathroom. So it was still ok to me la. Best part? Only I use that bathroom cause Audi decided to use the one from Irfan's room. Anyway it was so weird not to be sleeping with my best friend. Haha.

Address: No 8A Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our itinerary of the day was to have our lunch followed by shopping at Bến Thành Market, stop by some cafes for coffee and then continue walking. 

Kinda discussing which direction we should be going while I continue taking selfies. lol

Along the way, we bumped into this seller that sells Rambutan - My favourite fruit! Badd bought a kilo for all of us to share. Thanks Kak Badd!

Don't know why I look displeased but the rambutans were really sweet!

When paying, this dude actually wanted to charge us for the 3 rambutans that he gave us to try. Wtf? Badd gave him a VERY stern "NO". Lol. Padan muka kau! 

Salima Halal Restaurant
Address: 22 Nguyễn An Ninh, Bến Thành, Quận 1 Bến Thành Quận 1 Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

I ordered Penang Fried Kway Teow. It was... meh for me. The kway teow was too chao tah. But the Beef Pho was quite good though! The staffs are really friendly. Sorry. No picture for this.

Bến Thành Market
Address: Lê Lợi, Bến Thành, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Known to be one of the largest market place in Vietnam. To be honest, there were nothing that I really fancy. Perhaps, I was expecting the market to be something like Chatuchak market? You know like how they sell fashionable clothes that are on trend. Unfortunately, no. Please don’t expect too much. But I would say the market is good for customers who are looking for nice and cheap fabrics! Or even fruits, dried goods and souvenirs!

I do not have a picture of the Ben Thanh Market. So a picture of this handsome boy at the entrance of the market would do for now, ok? Heh.

I walked out of the market with only these items:

  •         Beaded Wallet                  VND40,000 (S$2.60)
The seller initially charged me VND50,000 (S$3.20) each. But managed to bargain to VND40,000 (S$2.60) each since I bought 2 pieces. Went to another shop, and this seller charged me VND50,000 ONLY for 2 pieces! Wtf? Mad cheap! Ok la that is also because they are the only pieces left. Hence, the dirt cheap price.

  •       Nike Cap              VND80,000 (S$5.10)
Aunty wanted to sell me the cap for VND160,000 (S$10.30). We refused and bargain again. Then she asked where we're from and all of us said we're from Malaysia! (Not true. lol. You will find out why later). Then don't know what she calculate la, she decided to charge VND80,000 (S$5.10). Irfan was like, "Oh so apparently where you come from got different price ah?". Apparently, yes. Haha.  After serving us for almost 15mins, she grumbles something in vietnamese language. Think she was quite annoyed with us. LOL. But I still thank her for being so patient and helpful when serving us. We were actually quite picky laaaa. 

  •       Miu Miu Sunglass             VND80,000 (S$5.10)
This Aunty tried to sell me the glasses for VND180,000 (S$11.60). That kind of price might as well I go buy at Bugis Street right??? So I put it back and she offered to sell me at VND170,000. I'm like "Noooo. Malaysia cheaper! (LOL)" Then you know what she said, "This one no Malaysia!" WAHHHH. Sorry ah! So my friends and I wanted to walk away. She pulled me back and ask how much I willing to pay. I said VND80,000! She said No. I'm like that's fine. I'm not getting it. Then not sure what changed her mind and she agreed to sell me the sunglass for VND80,000. HAHA. I wear my new sunnies immediately and walk along Ben Thanh Market street like a boss! I'm quite a bargain queen! Teehee. Anyway, it was only after I paid for the sunglass that I realized it has a 'Miu Miu' brand engraved on the temples. Shit. Now I owned a non authentic designer glasses. Pfft.

Remember to keep bargaining till you are really satisfied with the price. I’m sorry to say this but most sellers at the market are there to cheat your money cause they know you’re a tourist. If they refuse to sell you at the price that you asked for. WALK AWAY. High chances, they will call you back. But of course the price that you bargain must be reasonable la! Don't be too cheapskate please!

A little tip for Singaporeans: If they ask you where you’re from, ALWAYS say you’re from Malaysia! Haha I know it sounds silly la to fake your citizenship but trust me it’s worth it! You see, Malaysia has lower currency than Singapore. So if you were to say that you're from Singapore. Most likely, they will charge you a higher price. I normally do this whenever I visit Southeast Asian countries. Most of the time they would give me a good price!

Suddenly I feel grateful that I was born Asian. Low chances of getting cheated. If I were to look like ang moh (Caucasian)... Confirm plus chop kena cheated one! Really! I witnessed once when I was shopping at Bangkok. The seller gave me a very good price (after I bargained) for the handcrafted bag but she refused to do the same for the ang moh tourists beside me.

Oh and I realized most of the Vietnamese there could speak/understand Malay! So be careful ah if you wanna bitch about them. Haha.

Yup that's me trying to bargain for a good price for the cap. (With the help of my other bargain queen, Badd! Haha.)

Audi, is that a bapok hand pose?

My posture looks a bit weird here. That's cause I was about to fall! Haha.

The most disgusting "thug life" pose goes to me and Irfan. Don't you think it looks gross? But damn funny ah!

Another gross pose from me. Can you see how hard I try to work the "thug life" look  by pulling up 1 side of my pants? LOL.

Irfan, the only reason why I went along and do all these silly thug life poses is cause you ma homie! *does the bro handshake*

Address: Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

The club was alright. They mostly played the Top 50 songs. The clubbers there were wild! Audi and I witnessed a guy being rejected by a girl when he tried to grind her. It was hilarious! Hahaha. We felt sorry for him also ah cause all his friends managed to get a girl except for him. lol.

Their bar is located in the middle of the dance floor. How cool!

Day 2 - 8th March 2015, Sunday.

The plan was to visit Mui Ne (Red Sand Dunes). I already prepared the nicest outfit and accessories for my #ootd pictures, even to the extent of thinking what poses I should do (HAHA. Sorry I am very on the ball when it comes to this) but unfortunately we had to abort the plan due to time constraint. According to the tour guide, the journey to Mui Ne from our apartment takes 5 hours!
Brunch with #bae

Củ Chi Tunnel

Suppp. Imma gangstah!

This is my apprentice.

My second apprentice.

Address: 50/51/51 Floor, Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hải Triều, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

We had some desserts from Level 50. The waffles, I ordered was so so soooooo GOOOOOD! Very soft and I love it! Badd even said, "If Syuh finishes the whole waffle all by herself, that will be her very first time!" Indeed, I finished up everything obamaself (read:all by myself) for the first time! That shows how good the waffles were!

And do I even have to talk about the view? It was amazing! Wished I had taken some pictures of the view. I only managed to record it on video.

Please remember this face cause it means "I'm hungry. Do not disturb!"


Address: 103 Hàm Nghi P.Nguyễn Thái Bình Q1

This is by far the best experience I had for full body massage. At only VND250,000 (S$16), the package includes:

Herbal Foot Soak, Body Massage, Hot Stone (our favourite!) and Ginger Tea. The cucumber facial was supposed to be in the package as well, but apparently they skipped that part. When asked, they said the masseuse MIGHT have forgotten about it. Fair enough but it still doesn't make sense to me cause how can ALL the 5 of them forgotten about the facial step right? Pfft. Audi's and Irfan's masseuse even demanded for a tip!

Do you know they even have massage attire for us to change into? For a moment, we all thought we look like maids going for training. Just take a look at the photos below. HILARIOUS!

Irfan: Eh guys guys, do the typical maids in agency pose! Hands to the front!
I think I look the most convincing especially with my hair tied in low ponytail. HAHAHA.
Please don't mess with us. We maids got swag!

Day 3 - 9th March 2015, Monday.

Flight back to Singapore was at 5.50pm. Audi requested for a late check out so we all can have ample time to settle down. We left the apartment about 1pm. Booked a cab to Saigon Square 2 for lunch. Surprisingly, the Ben Thanh market is just somewhere nearby. Like 10-15mins walk? 

Can't exactly remember what noodle I ordered, but this was quite good!

Urghh. I look so weird here. But whatevs!
Attempt #1 Was trying to gather as many riders as possible for a nice IG photo. LOL. Just realized the color of my dress is almost similar as the 2 dudes' uniform! Hahahahaha.
Attempt #2 Still okay. But we need MORE riders!
Attempt #3 GOT IT! YASSSSS!

Because we are daredevils! Hehehe.

Managed to capture this beauty from the plane.
How magnificent is Allah's creation!

Thank you guys for this wonderful trip! Let's make this a yearly trip, shall we?


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