Sunday, August 23, 2015

JB with Badd x OOTD #109

Went for a quick JB trip with my best friend for the first time! We initially planned for KL to celebrate my resignation (lol), but we scrapped that cause I was feeling kind of lazy and Badd’s roster got amended. Pfft. Howells, the trip to JB was fun (everything’s fun if you did it with your best friend); thankfully nothing bad happened to us. I mean, if you googled ‘Johor Bahru’, they are famous for notorious stuff. Alhamdulillah, we didn't encounter that situation.

But we got teased by the cheeky guys there. It’s so weird. I normally go JB either with a group of friends or just Ipan. So far, never got teased at.  But with Badd, we got teased! Hmmmpf! Maybe cause the both of us are girls. But I thought we looked fierce that no one dares to tease us???  I was wrong! I think I underestimate them! Should try working on my face again the next time I visit JB with Badd.

Itinerary of the day was to visit Faculty of Caffeine and then head for our massage at Bangkok Spa. But knowing both of us, bad at directions… we were lost. I couldn't locate the café even after using the google maps. Waste money right switch on roaming to use the map but still got lost?!! Seriously, kita dua memang tak boleh harap langsung la!

And I swear Google maps are so unreliable sometimes! Always brought us to a longer route. Penat gila ok cari café tu. In the map, it says that I’ve reached my destination. LIAR! Tak nampak pon batang hidung Faculty of Caffeine. Cheat my feelings. We were so famished by then and stumbled upon this chic looking café in all white interior – The Replacement lodge & kitchen.( Apparently, they are related to Faculty of Caffeine!)Took a quick look on their menu and we both agreed to have our brunch there.

We both had Eggs Benedict. Mine was with the wagyu beef, while Badd’s was with Salmon. I think it tastes quite good! But after a while a bit jelak also la.

I love the interior design and the furniture used in the café. I’d say it is instagram worthy. While waiting for our Uber to arrive, we took quick photos of our OOTD. Haha. It was so funny. People who walked past us were staring at our goofiness but we couldn’t care less. Haha.

Psssst... Check out my new colored hair done by the stylist from The Comb Singapore

Our Uber took a while to arrive cause he overlooked the address given. But anyway, he’s one nice guy. We had a good time chatting with him. My hp batt was almost dying and he offered to use his power bank. How nice! Silly me thought I brought my power bank. Confident tahap maksima k tu. When I arrived JB I already used up almost half of the batt but told myself “It’s ok. Got power bankSekali check dalam bag takde! Ehhhh sakit pulak hati kita.

We finally arrived Bangkok Spa. I recommended Badd this place cause it’s affordable, looks legit (They have 2 outlets!) and they even provide free transport! I’ve been here thrice! We headed back to City Square for a manicure and pedi spa session after our massage. Basically that day was a pampering day for us. Ahhh how rejuvenating.

Last part was a cheap thrill for us. Buying unnecessary things at Watsons even though we don't need it at all! Hahaha.

So bummed out that we were so excited for our pampering session that we didn't remember to take selfies! Pffffffft! Must remember to take selfies when we visit JB again! 

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