Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting my hair fixed @ THE COMB

I was really happy and excited to get my hair fixed when The Comb Singapore invited me to their hair salon to try out their wide array of hair services a few weeks ago. I wanted a pleasant looking hair for my first day of work at my new work place - Gotta impress the bosses you see. HAHA. I'm just kidding. I just needed a fresh look. Been sporting this ombre look for a year plus now.

Photo was taken at night because I left the salon about 7.30pm!
Angie, was my stylist for the day. She's also the Senior Hairstylist at the salon. When she asked what she could do for me, I told her I do not want this Ombre hairstyle anymore. lol. It's not that I hate this hairstyle, it's just that it's hard to maintain ombre hair. I was half way explaining to her about my hair woes and she went, "I feel you!" THANK YOU! Thank you for feeling me. Maybe people who had ombre hair would understand how I feel. Haha.

So anyway, I told her to remove the ombres on my hair and turn it into one solid color. I showed her a photo and requested to do the same for my hair. It's a light brown (or blonde?) but with a tinge of green in it. I can't seem to find the photo now. Bummer. 

Angie explained that if I wanted the hair color that I have requested, I'd have to bleach my hair - Which she highly doesn't encourage me to do that. Using her expertise in hair coloring, she suggested that I do lightening on my hair and tone away all the reds and copper. The result will not look exactly the same, but almost! While she struggled to find a photo of how the hair color she suggested would look like, I asked her,

"Do you think the color would look nice on my skin tone?"
She answered in a confident tone, "Yes!"
"Ok. Don't bother finding the photo. I trust you! Let's do this!"

One last look of my ombre hair. Been donning this ombre hairstyle since a year ago! It's time for a change!

The ambiance in the salon is so cosy

They even have a menu for their beverages pleaseeee! 

They provide latest magazines for their customers too!

This was before my hair wash. I always look forward to this session. It's so therapeutic. But there's one thing I dislike about this hair wash at this salon. The chair is slightly uncomfortable cause it's too low. Other than, I'm very pleased with everythinnnnng!

That's Angie btw! She's doing a trimming on my hair and gave it a softer look

Before revealing my new hair, take a good look of my ombre hair! I agree, it looks good but sadly... you know what I mean! Haaaa.

My new hair! How do I look?

Here's the after!
I was initially disappointed that my hair color did not turn out to be the color that I have asked for. But Angie assured me that as I wash my hair, the color will turn to the color I desire. She was right! I got the color I wanted 5 days later! Soooo happy!

It took 5 hours (inclusive of blow drying and hair trimming) to tone down the reds in my hair. Lesson learnt. I'm never gonna color my hair red anymore! I suffered enough. Thank you Angie for being so patient with me! Even though my hair is difficult to handle, she still did it with so much passion. Never once I see her whining nor doing it in a rush. And I'm not saying this because I was sponsored, it's really true. Should see it for yourself. A customer next to me even personally requested for Angie to do her hair. So what does that says?

*Some photos are not edited so as to show the true color of my hair.


Although my hair color turns out to be darker than expected, I have to admit that I actually quite like it. I like the fact that there were a mixture of metallic, green and grey color in my hair and it only looks obvious under the sunlight. It's like a peek-a-boo kinda thing. LOL.


I didn't wash my hair the next day, but for some reason the color gets a little obvious. I also received a compliment from an auntie and her daughter when I was at JB. I was making payment for my Pokka lemon tea when the auntie asked,

"Your hair got green color ah?"
"Yah! Can see ah? I thought not obvious leh!"
"Obvious! Very nice hor! She (her daughter) also say very nice"

Wah I was already blushing that time. I thanked them and quickly walked out of the store. Haha. I shy la when people compliment me. heh.


Finally. The day I've been waiting for! My hair color turns out to be the color that I've been longing for. It gets lighter as days go by. I love it!

Soooooo in love with the hair color!!!

 DAY 12

Can you tell how freaking pleased I am with my current hair??? Hehe. Oh! My new colleague also complimented my hair and asked the name of the color I did. 

Thank you COMB SG for the kind invitation and the great service! 
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