Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sounds of Luxury

Music is something that I cannot leave without (besides the internet, of course).  Music keeps me company whenever I’m alone and it is therapeutic.  So imagine how naked and lost I feel when I forgot to bring my earphones with me. Haha. Sounds exaggerating but it’s true!

A while ago, I was introduced to a variety of portable speakers by the Harman Kardon team. Look at how pretty the colours are! Urgh I have a huge weakness for colourful things. 

Clip + , SGD 99

Flip III, SGD 179
Among all the portable speakers that we were presented, Charge II Plus and Pulse II attract me the most. You’ll see why as you scroll.

This is Andy, the Director of Product Planning & Strategy.


Pulse II , SGD 329

  • JBL sound with 2 high performance drivers and a built in bass port
  • Built in LED light show that pulses to your music
  • Wireless Bluetooth stereo streaming with NFC
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 5 hours of wireless fun.

The LED light show lights up as you play the music and comes in different colour and pattern. You are able to control the colour of the lights base on your preference at the push of a button. Somehow, the light display reminds me of the lava lamp! I think this speaker would be a great source of entertainment if you’re holding a party at home. Gotta impress the guests! Haaaa.

CHARGE 2+, SGD 279

Charge 2+ , SGD 279

  • Big bass ad big sound on the go
  • Stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • A built in 6000mAh battery for 12 hours of playback and charging your portable devices
  • Social mode so everyone can share their music

Apart from the pretty colours, I love how this product is really durable and doesn’t break if you drop it. Andy even did a demo for us by dropping the speaker to the floor! Our jaws literally dropped in disbelief. Haha. Note that this speaker is water resistant and NOT waterproof so please don’t be a smarty pants and submerge the speaker into the water. Personally, I feel this water resistant speaker is great for the beach babes/hunks who normally spend their time at the beach or by the pool. Not forgetting the bikers too. The speaker can be clamped to the bicycle and it also fits the water bottle holder!

Now here comes the fun part! Andy did a demo of this cool trick that made all of us in awe. Click play on the following video if you want to find out!

Don't you think it looks like a mini fountain?! Haha. But of course there are downsides for this cool trick:

1. Be prepared to get your clothes soaking wet!
2. You have to keep wiping the wet floor lor.

After watching the cool trick done by Andy, I suddenly got an idea. You know how some Malays can be quite a show off (It’s true! I am one of them sometimes. HAHA.) Especially during Hari Raya, because that’s when all our relatives would come to our house for visiting and that’s the right timing for us to show off. Lol. Maybe this Hari Raya you can consider purchasing this speaker from JBL . Heh. Damn cool! I also want one of this so I can show off to my relatives and friends when they come for a visit. HAHA. Just kidding!

After the presentation ended, we got the luxury to tour around the showroom and try out different kinds of audio products.

Brought home this Soho slim and foldable earphones from the event courtesy of Harman Kardon. It's so sleek and stylish that it matches with all my colourful outfits. Hehe. Parts of the product use leather finish for luxurious touch and feel. The noise cancellation is not bad either! Comes in a very luxe packaging. Larveeee it! 


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