Monday, July 20, 2015

Pop Up Store

Just wanted to share with you the recent pop up store I did for my brand in Paragon Mall. Ok la not that recent. It was in May. Haha. It was a VERY last minute thing. I was informed on Thursday about the allocated space and then I had to come up with proposals on Friday. -_- 

How can? Why you all every time like to do this to me one?!

The space we were given was a bit odd. The space was narrow but long. Not sure if you understand what I'm trying to say. But you may refer to the photo below.

During the setup

Get what I mean now? 

This is the second configuration. It only make sense to have the bar to be in the middle instead of the sides.

Furniture and props are all recycled from previous events. I didn't want to spend any single cents for the pop up store but eventually did because the logo is a tad too dark. Decided to turn it into a hot pink!

Haven't you heard? I'm a candy stylist now. Haha. Eh but doing this is really fun. It's therapeutic.
I had so much fun doing this display especially when there were candies and DIY stuff involved! Hehe. If you can spot the glitter trays and glitter champagne glasses in the photos below, those were actually DIY-ed by me and Sean. It was a really fun process except for having our whole body showered with glitters. Yikes! Haha. Will blog about the behind the scenes on my next post! :)

See what I mean? And it's really a pain in the ass to remove them! Pssssh. Mine had little glitter cause I had it washed prior to this photo.