Friday, June 26, 2015

Louvreuse x OOTD #106

As mentioned on my previous blog post, I'm back with another look featuring my favourite bow bag from Louvreuse! How do you like this styling? I decided to play around with pastel colors this time. Right from my lavender color sun-glass up till my mint color skirt. Something rare for me cause I'm always seen in bright colored outfit. Hehe.

I actually loveeeee this look but then I realized I look fat in pastels. HAH. And the skirt is not helping please! I mean, I already have a bulge in my tummy but this skirt makes it worst! You will get what I mean when you scroll through. I personally love this "paper bag" skirt. It's comfortable and all unfortunately it makes me look big. :(

Since I didn't get the chance to visit Mui ne sand dessert last March, this shall be the substitute and it works perfectly for me. Haha. It's actually a no-trespassing area that we happened to chance upon. Decided to be rebellious and adventurous at the same time, so we trespassed. The photos turned out good in my opinion. Of course it will look better if we had used a proper camera. We used my trusty iPhone 5S camera for this. Not bad right?

Thank you for doing this with me, Badd! My bestie was the one who took these pictures for me. And this is the first time we're doing something adventurous - Exploring the north side and we found quite a few nice places for photo shoot.


This photo seems all good to me until I realized there's a roasted pig on the right hand corner. -.-

See what I mean? The skirt will roll/fold up when I sit. Makes my bulge even worst! Normally I could get away by sucking my tummy in. With this skirt, I can't! :(

Panel Top and Drawstring Skirt - RAOUL | Trianon Bag - Louvreuse | Sandals - ASOS | Cat Eye Sunglass - Rubi | Chain Necklace - Lovisa | Rings - Topshop |