Sunday, June 21, 2015


For the past few months, you've seen me bagging my Rebecca Minkoff and DKNY in most of my OOTD photos. Today, I'll be featuring a new bag from a french fashion label named Louvreuse. Louvreuse is a fashion and accessories brand from France. Their line is mainly inspired by the universe of Parisian outings.

Here I am wearing the Trianon bag from Louvreuse 2015 Collection. Designed by none other than the founder herself, Victoire. Trianon is made of golden leather and fabric with a glamorous bow with fine volume. (I have a huge obsession for bows! Especially big ones! heh.) The floral fabric takes its inspiration from elegant and timeless tapestry patterns.

The name Trianon is with reference to the well-known home of French Queen Marie-Antoinette but it is also a nod to a famous Parisian venue near the Moulin Rouge. Trianon bag definitely has two facets: chic & rock !

Trianon is not just a clutch bag, it also doubles as a cross-body bag. Comes with removable brass chain bronze. I really appreciate the velvety leather that was used on this bag. The texture is so sleek!

Unlike the usual bags that are lined with boring fabrics, Louvreuse are lined with a stylish leopard print fabric! I totally forgot to take a picture of it. But here's a picture I stole from their website. Haha. How can you not love this?! It's so fetch! Uhh yes... I just used the line from Mean Girls. Hehe.

Pochette Louvreuse - Collection Glitter Pop - Trianon

I also love the combination of earth tone color and silver used on this bag. Makes it easy for me to match with any of my outfit!

Louvreuse Logo

I managed to squeeze a few minutes for a quick interview with Victoire. Boy. she has such an interesting background! Read on to find out.

What made you decide to pursue in this business?

I have always been creative and entrepreneurial. Starting my own business was a dream I had for a long time. I’m passionate about art – I’m studying History of Art in Louvre Museum in Paris- and music – I’m involved in music management with the French band Home Most Days. Louvreuse brand acts as a bridge between these interests with a fashion collection of refined and contemporary items …made to rock. 

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

My favourite part is the process of creation. Starting with the choice of noble fabrics and leathers, working on the new designs, brainstorming about the spirit of the collection with the team… Every new project is an exciting challenge ahead. I have the chance to meet and collaborate with very creative and inspiring people like musicians, illustrators and photographers. Indeed Louvreuse is also a collective of friends which aims to promote artistic creation in all its forms. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I’m currently working on the 2016 Louvreuse collection of accessories that will include a jewellery line inspired by our iconic and mysterious wolf, the logo of our brand. In addition,  we plan to organise a series of concerts in Paris with the collective Louvreuse … it’s always showtime 

Looking forward to your 2016 collection already, Victoire!

Pochette Louvreuse - Collection Glitter Pop - AlhambraPochette Louvreuse - Collection Glitter Pop - PagodePochette Louvreuse - Capsule Yeti - Casino

Do check out the rest of her lovely collection on Louvreuse website! Oh and do you know they ship worldwide too? Hooray for this! So start shopping away!

I've styled another look to pair with my Trianon bag. The post will be published sometime next week. So keep your eyes peeled, ok!

Two-way Pleated Top - Carousell | Optic Print Pants - Raoul | Sandals - ASOS | Trianon Bow Bag - Louvreuse | Neon Yellow Earrings - Lovisa | Cat Eye Sunglass - Rubi |