Saturday, May 30, 2015

VOTE & WIN | herworldPLUS Street Style Awards

I've been wanting to share this with you and I finally get to do it! The reason why I didn't reveal this earlier is because I scared I "jinx" it. How silly of me! But really, I can be quite a jinx sometimes. HAHA.  

Anyway, some of you might have known right now that I was selected as one of the finalists for HerworldPLUS Singapore Street Style Awards. Yes yesssss. They finally noticed me. Hehehe. 

I participated this contest last year but was not selected. So I tried again this year and... excited to know that I'm one of the finalists! Hooray! Can't describe how happy I am when I learnt about this great news. I have a really strong passion for fashion/styling. Hence, this thing means a lot to me.

The other day, I received a text from the boss. Not sure about you but every time I received texts from my bosses, I’ll get a mini heart attack. Haha. So anyway, I was like “Okaaaay. What did I do wrong again this time? Sigh.”

You see, my boss rarely text me unless he needs something to be done urgently or of course, if I’ve done any mistakes. Ha ha.

My heart beats so fast as I opened the message (lol. Drama much?) and was really surprised to see this. 

I so did not expect this from him! My boss leh! So sweet of him. Hen gan dong! Hahaha.

After my boss posted it on Facebook, I received a lot of texts. Of course most of them came from my colleagues. So cute la you all! They asked so many questions. Some of them actually thought I told my boss. But I didn't! Why would I wanna do that right? Crazy leh you all. lol.

Bumped into Kabi at the Licensing Department, he stopped for a bit and said "Nurul, I vote for you 3 times already ah!" HAHAHAHA. It was so funny!

Eh why you all so funny one?! So grateful to have such supportive colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for spreading the word and got everyone to vote for me. Urgh. I feel so touched. Wah like this never win also nevermind. The support I got from them already made me feel like a winner. Heh.

This was supposed to be a hush hush thing. I didn't expect any of my colleagues (except for the close colleagues and "friends" on Facebook) to find out about this. Not sure when the voting ends but if you would like to see me win (HAHA), click VOTE FOR NURUL ALI. It will direct you to the page. You will stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Thank you herworldPLUS for this great opportunity! Had so much fun picking pretty shoes and feeling like one short supermodel at the photoshoot! To the rest of the contestants, Good Luck! :D