Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OOTD #101

I know, I know. Every time I update my blog on OOTD, I'd rave about the clothes that I just purchased. But this midi mermaid skirt here is hands down the cutest I've seen! *heart shapes coming out from my eyes*

I've been eyeing on this skirt since months ago but was contemplating whether I should buy it or not cause you know la hor... I am not so tall. Every time I clicked "add cart", I ended up deleting the item away. I was really worried it will make me look like a midget. HAHA.

I bought it in the end cause I am so stubborn like that. Amazingly, it turns out okay! I even got some compliments! Hehe. Mad love for the hem! So anyway, for this ootd. I wanted a girly yet sporty look. Hence, I paired it with my Celine Skater Slip-ons and Asos men's shirt. I'm wearing a men's XS size btw. It fits just nice for me. That shirt even come in XXS and XXXS! Huh? How come got boys skinnier than me one?!! This is unacceptable!

I am not promoting here but merely sharing. I personally feel Jumping Around brings in the best midi skirts! If you were wondering where I got most of my midi skirts? Well I got them from Jumping Around! (Secrets out!) Not only do they bring in pretty skirts, but good quality too. I especially love skirts that come with a non-elastic waist band. You know the ones that have zippers? Yup. I prefer that. I think the elastic bands are ugly! lol. So glad Jumping Around carries skirts with fixed bands. So, thank you!

Enjoy the photos! Thank you bestie for being an awesome photog! Muahxx!

Shirt - ASOS Men's | Memaid Midi Skirt - Jumping Around | Skater Slip on - Celine | Crossbody bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace - Cotton On |


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Oh good god your hair is <3

Lulu said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@kai marquez Ahh thanks dear. The condition of mu hair is actually quite bad. Haha.