Saturday, February 07, 2015

Short hair, don't currr!

God knows how many years I have been keeping my hair long. It's so long, heavy, thick and coarse! Pfft. Every time I wanted to chop it off, I changed my mind and have it trimmed instead. Very sissy of me right?

Don't know what has got into me that one morning I woke up and told myself, 

"I need to cut my hair. SHORT." 

I finally mustered up the courage to cut it short.Then I remembered, oh it's the festive season! There will definitely be a surcharge. This Chinese New Year surcharge is really bullshit la ok and it only happens in Singapore (not sure about other countries though). It's a daylight robbery! Don't know whose idea is this to incur a surcharge during the festive season. It's just an excuse to cheat people's money. Pui! 

So I'm like, forget it la. I shall only cut my hair after Chinese New Year, since there won't be any surcharge already. Then I thought, wait. Since I'm going JB for a massage, might as well get a haircut too! It's cheaper and NO SURCHARGE! What the hell? Why I so smart one?! So all you hair salons in SG, you can kiss my ass. I'mma go JB to cut my hair. Wahaha.

Ipan was really sweet (a sweetheart as always) to accompany me to JB for a body massage and haircut. He didn't mind wasting his Sunday and wait for me while I pamper myself. THANK YOU!

Wanted my hair to be done at REDS since they received quite a number of positive reviews on forum but the receptionist was so unfriendly. I'm like whatevs. You can maintain that stupid black face of yours while I find other hair salons that offer better service and price to me. See these type of people are the ones ruining the brand image. Why bother working in front line when you can't even give a simple smile? Tsk.

Chanced upon this hair salon called Thomas & Guys at City Square. Not Toni & Guy ah but, Thomas & Guys! Sorry. Can't help it but to say that whenever friends ask me where I got my haircut. Wahahaha.

58RM for the length of my hair, for a wash, cut and blow service and it's from a legit hair salon, I think it's super affordable! The guy who cut my hair was an ang moh dude and he's reaaaally cute! A Keanu Reeves look-alike. He's actually really good too and I'm really impressed. I spent the whole day taking selfies cause I love the haircut so much. Must cherish it while it last right cause once I shower, my hair becomes huru-hara (chaos) again. Never thought I could pull of a short hair. Ok la not that short actually. More like a shoulder length? I sounded like as if I had a pixie cut like that. Cheh.

I didn't expect the ang moh dude to cut my hair though, cause I thought he's a director or head stylist and he must be expensive. I requested for a normal stylist. So while having my hair washed, I had a small chat with the shampoo lady. I asked if she will be the one cutting my hair and she said, "Bukan la. Itu mat salleh nanti gunting you punya rambut." Fuhhh happy sekejap. LOL.

I can foresee myself being a regular customer there especially since they offer free wifi! Hehe. But the only disadvantage is that, I have to battle with the traffic jam from Singapore to Johor Bahru la. Surprisingly the traffic was smooth when we went the other day. Maybe cause it's a Sunday? Except that the journey back to Singapore was insane! The waiting time to wait for the bus from JB to SG was soooo long! Lucky both Ipan and I have so much patience. lol.

We hung out for a bit at Chaiwalla & CO. A popular place where Singaporeans normally hang out. The drink was ay-okay. Nothing to rave about. I bought Strawberry Milk Tea. Personally, I find the Strawberry Milk Tea from Share Tea much nicer. Then again, I can't judge them based on one drink right? I'm gonna try their other drinks when I visit JB again. But I gotta say that I'm in love with Chaiwalla's whole concept of using a shipping container as a cafe. Very cool!

Why hello, Benjamin Kheng look-alike. Hehe.

Thanks Bae for the company! And thanks for being my personal tour guide. I knew I pick the right person to go with me.