Tuesday, February 03, 2015

OOTD #96

Sooooo... For my 26th birthday, the boyfriend got me a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac! Wan asked what I want for a birthday gift and believe it or not, I had NO absolute idea. Like, my dad just got me a DKNY cross-body bag, why would I need another right?

Then I thought, maybe I should ask for a pair of Nike Roshe Run! Although I loveeee wearing heels and wedges, I'm actually a "sneakers girl". We went to several stores already but still fail in finding a pair of Nike Roshe Run for myself. Why is it so hard to find Nike Roshe Run for Women in Singapore?!! Super annoyed!

I was already shagged by then, but I told Wan to just swing by Robinsons cause I might fancy something there. And bam! I saw Rebecca Mini Macs being nicely hung on the bag stand. So I'm like,

"Ok. I want this!" Hahaha.

I was kinda feel bad at first to make him buy me an expensive (It's pricey to me) bag, so I offered to pay half. But after he told me,

"Actually my budget was higher. But good la, you picked a cheap bag so I saved some money"

I SWEAR I DIDN'T FEEL BAD ANYMORE! Pfft. I should have just asked him to get me a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag or a Celine Trio! URGH! Why my boyfriend like to do this to me one? That's his first birthday gift for me after being together for almost 4 years this year, btw! Meh.

Leather / Quilted Top - Raoul | Crosshatch Pants - Raoul | Sneakers - Celine | Mini Mac - Rebecca Minkoff | Watch - Casio |