Saturday, December 13, 2014

OOTD #93 x Picnic Date With Ipan!

My sweet buddy, Ipan planned a picnic date for me a month ago. Basically, he got everything covered! The food, drinks, mat, etc. I just had to bring myself and enjoy the date. LOL. I'm such a useless friend, I tell you.

But, it was kind of a last minute? I actually offered to buy the drinks but he already bought it. Not really my fault right? Hehe. So whoever who dates this friend of mine, you're in good hands. ;)

Makes me wonder why my boyfriend never do this for me. Meh.

You might be wondering why am I wearing parka jacket for picnic. That's cause the weather was gloomy (I was afraid it was going to rain so I brought my parka since I do not have a brolly with me) but we decided to have a lil faith and went ahead with the picnic.

Right after we left botanic garden, it rained cats and dogs! Thank goodness it didn't rain when we were happily chilling out. Haha.

We were having so much fun feeding the hungry ducks and swans till we got stopped by the security. Wahaha. Sorry, didn't see the signs! 

Parka Jacket - Forever 21 | Top - Uniqlo | Boyfriend's Jeans - GAP | Sneakers - Superga | Necklace - Lucky Plaza | Cross-body Bag - Mango Touch |