Saturday, November 15, 2014

OOTD #90 x Halloween Outfit 2014

So I was like cracking my brain, thinking what I should dress as for Halloween. I didn't wanna spend any single cent on Halloween costumes, if possible. I wanna make full use of anything that I can find in my wardrobe and transform it into a Halloween costume. 

To be honest with you, I was also feeling a tad lazy to even dress up. I wanted something simple. I don't wanna be dressed in slutty costumes. Actually, I never understand girls who wear slutty clothes and devil horns and they called it their Halloween costume. If I wanna wear something slutty, I'd wear it at home for my future husband. Teehee.

So anyway, I think, think, think and think......

Ah-hah! *snaps finger* Maybe I should just dress as the pin up girl - As Rosie the Riveter, to be precise. Especially since I'm a bit boyish. Lol. 

Quickly raid my wardrobe and search for the following items. 
  • Denim shirt - checked! 
  • Denim jeans - checked! 
  • Bandana - checked! 
  • Boots - checked! 


So yeah, I didn't spend a single cent at the end of the day. So proud of myself. *pats back* tee hee. 

I tweaked the look a bit by wearing a black bandana instead of the red ones.

Like Rosie The Riveter or not?!!!
Okay for those who are still clueless and lazy to google, here, I'm attaching a photo of Rosie The Riveter.


Acid Wash Denim Shirt - Bugis Street | High Waist Jeans - Platinum Mall | Wedge Boots - Payless by Christian Siriano |