Friday, October 10, 2014

Julie's Biscuit

Julie's. I believe everyone knows this brand. My mum used to stock up a lot of their peanut butter biscuits at home! She would also never fail to pack some biscuits for me to eat during my snack time when I was in kindergarten and primary school. Hehe. Peanut butter biscuits were my favorite childhood snacks. Actually till now also la. 

Last month, I was given the opportunity to visit Julie's factory in Alor Gajah, Malacca. (Thanks Shanice for extending your invitation to me!) Being a big fan of Julie's Biscuit, I was totally up for it! I was so excited to visit the factory and witness for myself how the biscuits were baked. 

The whole trip was indeed an eye opening experience for me!

PERFECT FOOD is the manufacturer of Julie's biscuits. Julie's was established in 1981 and have been exported to 68 countries. Back then, they had only 1 factory. But as years go by and their business grew successfully, they opened another 2 more factories - wafer and crackers.

Today, PERFECT FOOD has 4 biscuit oven lines, 12 wafer roll ovens, 1 butter waffle oven, 1 wafer book oven, 1 cake & lady finger oven and several mixers, sandwiching and wrapping machines. 

Over 28 years of commitment, they have achieved many awards and one of them was 'Industries Excellent Award'.

"We bake with love, We care for the society, We love the earth"

Check this out! They even have a Julie's Cafe in their factory!

We were greeted by the happy staffs from Julie's. All of them were so welcoming!
Here's our spread for lunch. I especially love the savory sambal prawn! It has a mix of sweet and spicy flavour. Oh and if you take a closer look, you could see that Julie's biscuits were used for the dessert! Creative much? Tell me about it.

All of us were then brought to the meeting room for a presentation on the history of Julie's and their recent "Best of you" campaign.

While waiting for Julie's staffs to prep for their presentation, we took the chance to take some wefies! Heh.
They even provide Julie's Biscuit for us to snack on during the presentation!
Mr Martin making a speech. He's quite a funny person and I enjoy talking to him. Listening to how the business started and grew successfully inspires me so much. Good things happen to people who have great passion and put in so much effort to it.

This is the part that excites me the most - A tour around the production area! But before all of us get too excited for the tour, we were required to put on these gears. It's for hygienic purposes. 

Haha everyone's busy with their selfies. Spot me! 
Hint: Ok la I'm the shortest one. That's an obvious hint! HAH.
I need a selfie too! Haha.

Photography is prohibited in the production area so we couldn't take any photos but Julie's has kindly provided us with these photos!

This is how the biscuits were made!



Oil Spraying

Quality Control


I guess the highlight of the day has got to be us given the privilege to eat the freshly baked peanut butter biscuits! So bangga please! Warm and slightly melted peanut butter. Ahhhh... So shiok! It tastes so SO good. I can go on and on about how good it was but I need to stop for now. Haha.

And because they are so generous like that, they packed some biscuits for us to bring back home! I've shared them with my family and colleagues! They love it. Good things must share! :)

It has been a great pleasure meeting all the good folks from Julie's. They are a bunch of sweet and happy people I've ever met! Thank you Julie's for the warm hospitality! Although it was just a short trip, I had such a wonderful time. Till we meet again!

OH and how can I even forget about Ellice, our friendly bus stewardess cum tour guide cum PR. Hehe. It was nice meeting you too. Thank you for looking after us like as though we're your kids during the whole journey.:)

Some of the photos were taken by William & Julie's. Thanks guys! 


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Hi Nurul! Thanks for your blog post. I enjoyed reading it. Take care and keep in touch!


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Thank you Miriam. Thank you for being such a great host to us! Hope to see you again! :)