Friday, September 05, 2014

Trick Eye Museum

Last Sunday I managed to convince the boyfriend to bring me to Sentosa to check out the Trick Eye Museum that people have been raving about. Omg you had no idea how hard it is to persuade him to bring me there. Gahhhh. 

And yessss, like most of you whom would have known by now, Trick eye museum is now in Singapore! Which means, I don't have to travel all the way to Korea to check out this highly raved museum. Hooray!

Trick Eye is a short form of 'Trick of the eye'. It refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into Three-dimensional images. Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings come alive. The museum offers various themed galleries where visitors are invited to take part and are more than welcome to explore with their eyes, hands and cameras too!

I would say the crowd was okay considering the day we went was on a weekend. Sunday, to be exact. There was no queue too! 
I love this display but it's really impossible to snap a picture with no "calefares" at the back! :(

Look Ma, I can balance myself on a ball and pose elegantly!

Hahahahahaha looks the same to me! My fat cat! 

This looks real to me! Haha. I'd love to try sky diving for real!

OMG the resemblance is uncanny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

My angel... NOT!

Wan wanted to make it look convincing so he reached out a $2 note. Unfortunately, my face wasn't convincing at all. So... FAIL! Haha. 


Both of us were a little shy at first because there were people queuing at every stations and of course they'd stare at you when you're doing silly poses. Lol. However, I decided to put all that aside and let loose cause after all I was there to have fun! I guess after Wan sees me having fun taking pictures, he decided to follow suit! Haha. 

That's all for now! I'd love to spam this post with all the photos we took but I wouldn't wanna bore you guys. Besides, it won't be fun or a surprise anymore if you've seen everything right? So go and check it out for yourself!

What to expect/ to do:

-There are 6 areas with 90 pieces of artwork across the museum. So, take a lot of photos! We spent approximately an hour in the museum! 

- Remember to always stand at the photo point whenever you take pictures if you want to achieve a more realistic photo. 

- Crowds. There may be some crowds in certain areas. Be patient. Queue and wait for your turn. 

- Be creative with your poses! This is an interactive museum where one can be the director, actor or photographer. Ignore the crowds and just do your thang!

All in all, I had a really wonderful time at the museum except that I was a little put off by the annoying kids (and adults too) who aren't taught on basic courtesy. And that is, to be patient and queue. I encountered a few that day. Pfft. But don't let them ruin your day!

Details that you might wanna know -

Tickets are selling at these prices:

Child (age 4-12) - $20
Senior (age 60 and above) - $20
Adult (age 13-59) - $25

Pssst... Purchase your ticket(s) online to enjoy a 10% discount. 

For more info log on to

Thank you Mandy and Trick Eye Museum for the kind invitation! The boyfriend and I had so much fun taking witty and silly photos at the museum! 😂

Trick Eye Museum
Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa.
26 Sentosa Gateway #01-43/44 Singapore 098138.
DID: 6795-2379