Sunday, August 17, 2014

OOTD #80

I know this is a little too late to wish but, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua umat islam di serata dunia!

How's your Raya 2014 going on? Dapat banyak duit raya ke? Not me for though since I'm a working adult. But I for sure had loads of fun lantak-ing all the raya food yang sedap-sedap belaka! From Sambal telur burung to rendang to lontong to ayam goreng and so much more! Sedap oiiiii!

Okay la! All that food talks aside, here's me in my most glamorous raya outfit everrrrr! Hari Raya is probably the only time I can afford to wear something as glamorous as this! - sequins all over my dress and gold accessories... HAHA. My former colleague commented that my outfit looks "more like a red carpet gown. Can put up on the editorial wall" Haaaa.

This is also the first time I'm opting for a maxi dress instead of the usual baju and kain for my baju raya. Yeah, it doesn't look that traditional. But a change is alright for once in awhile.

Honestly, I was feeling a bit 50/50 to wear this necklace out cause it looks a little too over the top? Especially after pairing it with the gold plate belt. But what can I do? I was late and couldn't locate the necklace I wanted to wear. What about the other necklace I have, you ask? Mehhhh. The rest of my necklaces doesn't look nice to pair it with this glamorous dress. Hence, I went ahead with this.

After much assurance from Mum and friends, I realized it didn't look that bad after all! Heh.

Sequin Maxi Dress - Zalia by Zalora | Plexi Wedges - Charles & Keith | Gold Plate Belt - Cotton On | Necklace - Miss Selfridge | Clutch box - Zalora Singapore | Watch - Marciano |