Friday, July 11, 2014

Fall Winter 2014 Press Event

Our recent Fall Winter 2014 Press Event was held at the same venue we did for Spring Summer 2014, which is Barnadas Huang. It's great to see the good folks from Barnadas again. They are really nice people to work with and very accommodating! 

If you wish to hold any press events or mini launch, I'd highly recommend them! :)

Initially, I was kind of against the idea of doing the event at the same venue again because I was worried the display would look similar as to what we did for Spring Summer 2014. But thank god for the additional props they recently purchased, we utilized it to the maximum just to make everything look different from the previous event. Haha. 

I'm proud to say that the display looks a tad different from the previous one after some tweaking done by Sean and I. OH! We also booked another room solely for Raoul x Raphael Young pieces. 

 Photos by the fabulous Ray Ray!