Thursday, May 29, 2014

Claine Online Preview & Launch Party

I have always been obsessed with statement necklaces. I agree it may look chunky at certain times but if you style it correctly, you may transform your boring outfit into a more stylish and chic look. 

Every time someone ask me for styling tips, I keep stressing to them ACCESSORIES. I mean... it's a must-have! 

I recently attended Claine Online launch & preview party held at 2am:dessert bar. have no idea how much fun I had that evening trying out a myriad of fashion accessories. 

This long necklace would definitely look great on plunging neckline tops/dresses. 

An introduction on Claine.

Claine Online is Singapore's newest homegrown fashion accessories brand founded by a former successful property agent, Elaine Chng. The name Claine is a combination of the names of the founder (Elaine, herself) and her mother. Its pieces were carefully hand picked overseas. Claine provides a vibrant concoction of unique style and designs for the discerning, fashion savvy, contemporary female. 

Here's a picture of me with the founder of Claine, Elaine Chng. I don't know why but she somehow reminds me of Fiona Xie!

That aside, more pictures of me trying out the pretty necklaces. 

Are you tired of seeing my face as you scroll down? Then that's too bad. Haha. Ok la fine. Just do an imaginary cropping on my face and focus on ze necklace, guys!

Tips: to make your necklace look even more stronger or outstanding, try layering them with 1 or 2 other pieces! (As seen below)

Now if you observe carefully, this collection actually has an ethnic touch to it. Does the top right necklace reminds you of an Indian costume jewelry? 

Comes with a matching bracelet for this collection. 

Totally digging this layering that I've created! 

To end this post. Here's a group photo with Tinoq - the stylist, Shermaine - the intern, and Elaine - the founder of Claine. 

This Tinoq guy is very creative and if I can add in...funny too! Ahhh I like this guy! I had so much fun chatting with him. He also shared a few styling tips with me at the event.

A big thank you to the intern, Shermaine who became my "part time photographer" of the day. So sweet of her to help me take pictures of myself trying out the accessories. 

Lastly, thank you EpicPR and Claine for the kind invitation!

Oh and here's a little something for my readers! Enjoy 15% off your purchase from using this discount code: nurul15off



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These necklaces are all so pretty! I've only started getting into statement necklaces a few months ago;p x
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