Friday, April 25, 2014

Safilo's Spring Summer 2014 Eyewear Collection

Sunglasses have always been a part of my daily essentials. Besides making me look uber cool, it also protects my eyes from the sun's harmful effects. Not to forget, it helps to "cover up" my dull face whenever I'm in a rush and had no time to apply any make up. So...technically, sunglasses plays an important role in my life. (Heh. That sounds a tad serious.)

So when AccessComs invited me to preview Safilo's latest eyewear collection, I got really excited. The presentation was held at The Mill. Psst...It's a nice space if you intend to host a mini launch or reception btw! 

They have a variety of bright, colorful and quirky sunglasses for this season. If you ask me which is my favorite pair of sunglasses, I'm afraid I can't even answer to that question cause... Everything is just too pretty to me. How ah like that?

Safilo's Spring Summer 2014 Collection is categorized into 4 key trends - Combination of Materials, Retro Feeling, Flash & Neon and Color Block. 

Combination of Materials

Combination of different fabrics creates unexpected visual effects, giving new life to traditional materials. Precious and simple, shiny and matt, uneven and smooth are just some of the endless combinations to create new effects. Frames gain new appeal thanks to a clever mix of wood, metal and acetate.

Alexander McQueen

Notice the bamboo insert on the temples? It's Gucci's signature mark. I larveeee(love) it!

Boss Orange

Retro Feeling

Vintage is back! Round lenses, butterfly lines and pilot shapes are back in fashion.

Marc Jacobs



Flash & Neon
Fluo colors and flashy effects empower the sunglasses. 
The latest eyewear collection features the loud and flashy frames and lenses!




Color Block

Colour combinations can change the perception of shapes and be the mood influencers. 
The new frames have a simple yet chic look with the energy and positivity.


Marc by Marc Jacobs 

When Tashah told to me to pick one to wear for a selfie photo, I took years to choose the sunglasses! Haha. Ok I'm exaggerating there. But finally decided to pick this retro inspired and butterfly shaped sunglasses from Alexandra McQueen! The metal detail on the upper front profile definitely gives this piece an edgy and luxurious feel at the same time. 

Bumped into Tarandip and Shane. Again, I took awhile to hunt for my next favorite pair of sunglasses for a picture at the photo wall. 

This soft cat-eye sunglasses I'm wearing is from Gucci! 

Comes in other 4 colors but my next favorite color has to be this!

Changed to a different pair of sunglasses again for another picture with Tashah. Hehe. Am I irritating for being so fickle minded? Sorry not sorry! 

So much love for this transparent-geometric-shape frame from Marc Jacobs!

Oh btw, did you know that Miley Cyrus is the new face for Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 campaign?

Ahhh I love this girl so much. I just feel that she is real. Although seeing her sticking her tongue out 99% of the time is annoying! Love her still. 

Lastly, here's another piece that pretty much caught my eye and it's from Alexander McQueen. I like that they added the brand's iconic skull on the hinges. It makes the piece look more appealing and interesting. 

Can you make a guess what is that thing that surrounded the skull? 

When I first picked this piece up, I confidently told Tashah it was a Sun. WRONG ok. It's actually a flower! Haha. The flower detail is in line with their SS 2014 Collection. 

Hope you enjoyed browsing through the pretty sunglasses from this post! Thank you Tashah for walking through with me during the preview and thank you Safilo & AccessComs for the invitation!


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