Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Majolica Majorca Chapter 40 x Ma Chèrie Preview

Last Wednesday, I was invited by Claire as her plus one to Majolica Majorca X Ma Chèrie event. We were given the privilege to preview Majolica Majorca's new Spring Summer Collection - Chapter 40, Eye Hunter. 

The moment I stepped into the room, I was absolutely amazed by the decorations that they had set up on the booth. It was so pretty and styled according to the theme. Being an Assistant Visual Merchandiser myself, i love observing the display done by other creative people. It just makes me happy and somehow inspires me to be as creative as them. 

I would say this setup done takes a lot of effort! From the flower petals, to the beads, to the fabrics used, etc. This person who did the display really have an eye for details! Love it so much! Please just scroll down if you wanna know what I'm saying. :)

These products you see here are from the Chapter 40, Eye Hunter collection. 
It will be sold exclusively at selected Watsons stores from 6th March onwards. 

Perfect Automatic Liner. $22.90 each 
Available in 2 shades: VI303 Cool & Calm and RD303 Hot-blooded

Line Hunter is a sweat and sebum proof product. Definitely useful for someone like me who sweats a lot and have an oily eyelid. Booooo!

It can be used 2 ways by allowing the use of different angles of the brush to create the lines you desire. 


For a Skillful Thin Line

Hold the brush in a vertical manner, and draw using the thin angle to achieve a thin line. This angle brush will be quite helpful for you to touch up the gaps of your lash line. 

For a Strong Bold Line 

Tilt by holding the brush horizontally to draw using the thick angle. Start drawing from middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, ending with the wing. 

I like how the eyeliner is waterproof yet it is to clean off. It also contains essence to treat eye area!

Line Hunter retails at $19.90

I'm wearing both Line Hunter and Perfect Automatic Liner in Cool & Calm shade in this look. I also applied the honey pump gloss (PK 101, Inattention) on my lips. Loveeee how the color and the gloss itself makes my lips look plumper. Heh. 

Honey Pump Gloss is retailing at $12.90 each!

Yeah the photos doesn't do much justice. Pfft. Can't really see the purple liner in here.

There was also a booth that displays the Ma Chèrie products! Ma Chèrie in French means "My Sweetheart". When Claire applied some of their hair serums to her hair...Man, it smells so yummy! It has kind of a fruity scent. I need to get one! I'm a sucker for nice scent hair products. 

Ma Chèrie products are formulated with Champagne honey gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth silky hair. 

Champagne - Protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress
Honey - Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair
Hydroxyethyl Urea - Effective moisturizing ingredient
Inositol - Vitamin B that softens hair

Oh and for your information, they are launching the refill packs in selected Watsons stores from 6th March onwards. So you can now start recycling your shampoo or conditioner bottles! Besides saving energy and earth, that also means you could save some money from buying new bottles of shampoo/conditioner! Yay!

Air Feel Shampoo/conditioner Refill packs - $13.90 each
Moisture Shampoo/conditioner Refill packs - $14.50 each

After we were satisfied with the pictures that we have taken around the booth, we decided to begin our hunting journey. 

Started off with the "Pitching Crystal" booth, this is the booth where we were given a question and had to answer by throwing those sequined balls to the right products (that is related to the question given). 

Like for example, "Which one of these products are Ma Chèrie?" Obviously the answer is the picture of the shampoo right? So you gotta aim and throw the ball into the hole with the pic of the Ma Chèrie products. Easy peasy!

Claire participating in the game. 

We received a tube of Majolica Majorca lipgloss and a box of chocolate after completing the game. I love receiving gifts after winning a game! Heh. 

On to the next booth, "Unveil Innerself". This booth tells you what kind of a character you are from the shape of your lips, your eyes and your hair. Very interesting!

We ended our hunt at the "Tub of Blessings" booth where we had to dip our hands into the "tub" and pick a scroll. Each scroll has a different set of question. 

Lady: Please read the question on your scroll. 
Me: When will Ma Cherie Refill packs be available at the stores? Hmm... Is it from 6th March onwards? 
Lady: Wow! Not bad! You actually remember the answer!
Me: Eh I paid attention you know. Haha. 

These girls were participating in "draw the most creative eyeliner" contest.

While the rest of the girls were getting theirselves busy with drawing the most creative eyeliner, Claire and I sat at the side watching them and we took some selfies. 

Thank you to the Majolica Majorca/Ma Chèrie team for organizing such a fun activity for us bloggers. Wished I could play for another round so that I can win some goodies again. HAHA. I kid la. Thanks Claire for inviting me as your plus one! Muacks!