Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snip Snip Away!

Ok I finally snipped off my long, dry and with split ends hair. My hair feels so much lighter now! Ahhhh so happy. My friends said I look younger. Eh eh thanks uolls

I just had to camwhore a bit when no one's around. Sorry not sorry. Bottom right pic a bit retarded la cause I was attempting to wink. Fail! But still ok right? Cause as long as one of your eyes is closed,it's  considered a wink. HAHA. 

If you're wondering why I have some blonde streaks at the end of my hair that's cause my hair was previously like this...

I was involved in Toni & Guy Graduation show. Lena did ombré on my hair. Love it! But I hate it when it starts to fade. My hair started to have split ends. It may due to the bleaching. I think?

Few weeks later, Jonny, a student from Toni & Guy Academy texted me and ask if he could cut my hair for his assessment. I immediately agreed cause I wanna get rid of the split ends. 

Everything went well until my hair started growing again and went out of hand. I really don't know how to tame my hair man. So I decided to go for another hair cut to get rid of all my dry ends. A bit sayang la but the dry ends just got to go! 

So pleased with my hair now but I just feel like cutting it shorter! Gahhhh!