Wednesday, February 05, 2014

OOTD #67

How was your Chinese New Year? Managed to collect lots of Ang pao money? Haha. I didn't do any visiting this year but I just felt like wearing something nice on that day itself. Gahhhh. 

Here's my CNY outfit for this year! Unlike last year, I decided to play around with other colors instead of the normal red and white ensemble. Well there's still a hint of pink(replacing red) in my outfit though. 

This outfit also got my boyfriend asking me, "Asal pakai lawa-lawa harini? Nak pergi mana? Jangan nak feeling-feeling single eh!"

You see, I don't normally dress up whenever I go out on a date with him. Why, you asked? He never dress up for me what! Why should I even bother dressing up, correct? 

Ok la part of the reason why I seldom dress up when we go on date is because he rides (and that makes me the pillion rider of course), so he kinda "forbid" me to wear dresses, skirts and even sleeveless tops for safety reason. It sucks when I couldn't wear dresses and skirts cause those normally make you look like you're dressing to the nines, effortlessly. Sigh. 

So ya la that's why I always take the opportunity to dress up whenever he isn't around. Haha. If only he drives right? Then I can dress up and wear my sky high heels all the time. Muahaha. 

Acid Wash Top - Bugis | Midi Skirt - Dressabelle | Neon Necklace - Lovisa | Clutch Bag - GUESS | 
Wedges - Payless | Watch - Casio Sheen |