Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ombré Lucite Heels!

Ok so I really couldn't resist the temptation to get another pair of Lucite Heels when clearly, I have already owned 2 pairs - 

One from Jeffrey Campbell (Soirée Heels)
Photo from

And the other is from Charles & Keith. Yes, that's how greedy I am.

So as you may expect...I got myself another pair. This time it's an Ombré Lucite Heels!

Tadaaaaaaa! Can't express how much I love this heels! The height of the heels are neither to high or low. It's just perfect!

The stripes pattern reminds me so much of the sailors. Nautical-ism, I would say. Oh but my Mother has a different perceptionShe calls it "The Prisoner Heels" because she thinks it resembles a prisoner's uniform. My mother ahhhh! I think she secretly has something against me one. Every time got something to comment on the things I purchase. Pfft. Sayang her still!

Urghhh really adore these Ombré heels! 
Oh if you were wondering where I got these (LENA Striped Transparent Heels) from, it's from Zalora! The brand is EDGE. Click here if you're interested! I actually went back to the store having the intention to get the red pair - Here. Unfortunately they ran out of my size! Gahhhhh. Regret for not getting it fast!