Friday, February 21, 2014

Holographic iPad mini case

Zai and I were walking around Ion Orchard aimlessly when she suddenly pointed at this bright yellow store (which I initially thought it was another Forever 21 store), "Eh Kate Spade Saturday! My sister bought a tote bag for me from this brand la Syuh!"

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"Kate Spade Saturday? Is this shop related to Kate Spade or what?", I thought to myself. Indeed it is! Kate Spade Saturday is a sister brand of Kate Spade. Its merchandise are towards the affordable range. I was instantly attracted to the concept of the shop.

Kate Spade Saturday

While browsing through their merchandise, I chanced upon this pretty holographic iPad mini case and fell in love immediately! I swear it was love at first sight. 

I asked one of their Sales Staff for a new piece, only to be told that it was the last piece. I was disappointed. I wanted it so badly but at the same time feeling a bit reluctant to get it as there were some scratches and dents on the case.

I placed the case back on the fixture and looked for other cases that I might like. Nothing seem to be to my liking. Walked back to the fixture and pick up the holographic case again. I stared at it for a few seconds and I put it back again. Lol. 

I remember asking Zai for her opinion if I should just get it and her reply actually does make sense. For an iPad case that costs you SGD 80, of course you would want it to be non defective and flawless, right?

The Sales staff saw how much I love the case so he asked his Manager if he could offer me a 10% discount since it's the last piece and had some defects. His Manager approves it and I was offered a 10% discount!

I couldn't resist the offer so yup... I bought it. 
Hehe I'm a proud owner of this Kate Spade Saturday Holographic iPad case!

Don't you just loveeee their packaging? Cause I do! Loving the bright yellow carrier and zig zag print!