Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanks for the inconvenience - Feedback

UPDATE: Just received my hair curler today. Yup. On New Year's Eve. Thanks for the delay Appreciate it. And you still owe me a reply for this. 

Ok. I am getting really impatient with now. WHERE IS MY FREAKING HAIR CURLER THAT I HAVE PAID FOR?! Your staff promised me that the latest date I'd be receiving the curler would be on the 16th December. It's already 29th December now and it is gonna be 2014 in the next few days, yet I still did not receive that damn curler! What the heck is going on?

Here's what happened. I bought a Babyliss Hair curler from in October but its redemption date was only available from 15th Nov onwards. My schedule was tight during that first few weeks and was only free to pick up the curler on the last week. Understand that the last date to collect the curler is on 11th December and their redemption centre closes at 8pm, I rushed down to the redemption centre on 9th December after knocking off from work. Only to be told by their staff that the item I was going to redeem is out of stock. Note that I've tried calling their hotline several times before making a trip down to the redemption centre, but to no avail.

I was frustrated, upset and disappointed. Bearing in mind that this wasn't my first time experiencing such occasion with It has caused me so much inconvenience. Not only did they wasted my time but they wasted my transport fare as well. However, kudos to one of their staffs who served me the other day for being so composed despite me venting my frustration on her when clearly it's not her fault but the management's. Appreciate that. (Wake up your idea management for!)

My question is...Is it really that difficult to communicate out to your customers on the unavailable stocks by sending them an email/SMS blast? Rather than having them come to the centre and be informed that their items are out of stock?

And how is it that the item went out of stock? I mean...when the "sale" ended, they would have accumulated the number of orders received by then, right? Hmmm... I wonder. 

Lastly, you DO NOT promise your customers if you can't deliver them. So unreliable. 

Never had any issues with Groupon before but , you disappoint me big time. BIG TIME! I am never gonna purchase any products from again.