Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Year's Eve Celebration

So how did you guys celebrate your New Year's Eve/Countdown? Did you manage to catch the fireworks? Good for you if you did. Sadly for me, I didn't manage to watch the fireworks display this New year. But it's all good for as long as I have my favorite friends with me. 

If last year we cycled from East coast park to Marina Square and back to East Coast park, this year we played Captain's ball! We scrap the idea of partying because we feel it's just too mainstream?

Haha I'm kidding. 
(Thank you Shanice for the photos!)

We are just at that stage where we feel that we are too old to party. Lol. I'm kinda proud of myself that I've not been partying for a year plus? That's an achievement!

Short briefing

Would you believe me if I say that, that was my first time seeing my boyfriend doing sports? It was also my first time seeing him running for the ball. Hilarious max! I can't help it but to LOL each time I see him run. Wadafak baby, why you so cute?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Yup. That's how he ran that day. 

OK fine. Not really like that. But it somehow looks like that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And because he was in the opposite team, he was really persistent in defending me AND snatching the ball away from me. So irritating. Never give chance one. Aiyah it didn't matter anyway cause after all, I ran *coughs* faster *coughs* than him. He's fat what. So cannot catch up with me one.

See what I mean. Like real only ah this one wanna defend me. Half way through he whined he's tired. Yawnzzz.

The girls and I only started playing for 10 mins and we were already panting and complaining. LOL. My stamina is definitely getting worse. What do you expect if the last time you played sports was 7 years ago? I was in the netball team back in secondary school. After I graduated, I totally ditch everything that are fitness related. So can't really expect much from me la har?

While all other groups from other pitch were playing football, we were the only group who played Captain's ball. That actually got the attention of the foreign workers there. The venue is situated at an industrial park, hence there were many foreigners.

The cab driver who brought me to the venue was even worried for me! He's like, "You sure anot this is the place?! So many foreigners. I worried for you leh!" Haha so sweet la the uncle.

Agus and Audi's pose here is really asking for a punch from me. Irritating eh korang!

Nonetheless, good game everyone! Thank you guys for organizing such a fun activity. I am also thankful that I had Wan with me again for this new year.