Friday, January 24, 2014

Featured on styleXstyle

Recently, I started posting my outfit of the day photos on another platform - besides Instagram and my blog. After seeing the ads online and on the television, I decided to join styleXstyle for fun. 

It was only my third time posting my outfit photos when I received a comment from styleXstyle Insider that she's inspired to write an article from my OOTD photo and two other contributors. 

Below is the link to the article that I was featured. Written by Jasmine Teo. 

Oh and I received a notification that Sharon Au has 'loved' one of my photos! Just so you know, Sharon Au is a former mediacorp artiste and is also the brainchild behind styleXstyle! So honored please. 

Thank you for the write up and all the loves! Simple things like these makes me happy. Now I feel more motivated to upload more of my OOTDs there. Heh. You may visit my profile here and 'love' my photos!