Friday, December 13, 2013

Cadbury - The 'Joy of Giving' Campaign

I have a question! What is joy to you?

To me, joy is when I secured myself a full time job and being able to give monthly allowance to my parents. It's all about giving something to my loved ones and seeing them happy!

Cadbury recently did a survey amongst the Singaporeans to discover what "Joy of giving" means to them and the results include ‘happiness’ (89%), ‘joy’ (79%), and ‘love’ (78%). Many believe in the joy of giving, with the act of gift giving being one of the best ways to share joy.

Few weeks ago, I got to experience the preview of Cadbury Joyrider with other fellow bloggers. Cadbury is just too generous with their chocolates that during the entire of the joy ride, I was seen busy chomping the free flow of chocolates! Mehehehe.

They provided us with some cute props - reindeer ears, santa hat, huge glasses, etc for us to photograph with. Claire and I had so much fun taking selfie photos with the props! Haha. Girls being girls.

Ahhh cute kids who sat next to us. The kids on board just couldn't sit still. I mean, would you even sit still if you're being fed with chocolates during the entire ride? Haha.

Claire participated in one of the games and she won herself an ipad mini! I mean, ipad mini sized Cadbury chocolate. Haha. Not just that, she won a Cadbury tote too! This girl damn on la!

A picture with the Joyville workers!

It's already mid December and you still have no idea what Christmas gifts to get for your loved ones? Simple. Get them lots and lots of chocolates! 
Remember, you are also doing a good deed at the same time cause from 1 November to 31st December , Cadbury will be donating $1 for every purchase of $15 Cadbury products! All proceeds from this "Joy of giving" campaign will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).

Also, as a part of the “Joy of Giving” campaign, the popular Cadbury Joyrider will be making its appearance to the public again from 21 November, 2013, beginning at the heart of Singapore’s business district – Raffles Place. The public will be able to hop on the Cadbury Joyrider Bus for free, which will bring everyone on a fun-filled journey into a mythical and joyful land of Cadbury – known as Joyville.

Cadbury Joy of Giving Experience:

  • 21-22 November 11am-4pm: Raffles Place
  • 1 December 11am – 3pm: SAFRA Open House
  • 14 December 1-5pm: Downtown East

Cadbury Joyrider Routes:
23 November – 25 December: Details on the locations, routes and times can be found on the Cadbury Facebook Page.

Donations will also be collected on the Cadbury Joyrider, and all proceeds will go directly to SPMF.

Thank you Cadbury for organizing such a fun activity! And thanks Claire for bringing me along! :*