Sunday, November 17, 2013

OOTD #62

I was invited by Claire yesterday to join her for the Cadbury event and here's my outfit of the day. I remember visualizing of an outfit that I should be wearing for the event the night before. While I was brainstorming for the outfit, I didn't realize that I ended up falling asleep. Zzzz. What a bummer.

The next morning, I scanned through my rack searching for something to wear. That's when I spotted a plastic bag lying on the floor. Opened the bag and found some new pieces of clothes (which I don't remember buying it). Perfect! Got new clothes to wear!

So there you have it. My new hounds-tooth print jumpsuit! I paired it with this PU Leather biker vest from New Look to achieve a slight rugged look.

Personally, I think it's okay to wear a leather vest in this sunny weather cause after all it's sleeveless? So don't worry too much about feeling stuffy. :D

This classic watch from Marciano only costed me $40! I know what you're thinking. $40 for a piece of Marciano watch?... That is... unbelievable? It should have costed more. Well that's because it doesn't come with any spare parts nor warranty. Hence, it was sold at only 40 bucks! Such a good deal, right?

This watch weighs a tonne though! Ok fine. I'm over exaggerating. But I swear it's really heavy! Maybe cause it's gold. (Doesn't make any sense here. I know. Haha.) Heavy or not. I still love it - So much!

Hounds-tooth Jumpsuit - Qoo10 | PU Leather Biker Vest & Necklace - New Look | Cross Body Bag - H&M | Wedges - Payless | Gold Watch - Marciano |