Tuesday, December 03, 2013

FIDe Fashion Week 2013 - MOISELLE & GERMAIN


(Super overdue entry)

This year was my second year attending the FIDe Fashion Week. So imagine my excitement after receiving an invitation from Media Flair to attend the Moiselle and Germain show. Though I have not heard of those labels before, I was really looking forward to view the rest of their collection after browsing through their Fall Winter 2013 Lookbook. 

Impressive, I must say. Bright colors, Prints, Graphics, Textures, etc

Registration starts at 5.30pm but at 6pm I was still stuck at Bugis. Thinking I was late, I decided to hail for a cab. Unfortunately it was the peak hour. Meaning, getting a cab would be tough! And it's not helping that there was a long queue at the taxi stand. However, luck was sort of on my side when someone alighted in front of me. Asked the cabbie if he's willing to take me in and he agreed! Teehee. Thanks for saving my day, uncle.

The moment he stopped me at the casino, I ran in my 4 inch heels to basement 2 (which is the venue). It was only after I got in that I realized I was still early. CHEH.

Crowd started streaming in about 20 minutes later.

Moiselle Fall Winter 2013 collection is inspired by Russian culture, architecture and art. You will see flower embroideries, sequins, feathers, etc as you scroll down. Powder green, dove, baby pink and soft yellow that are interwoven with bright blue, orange and purple are their color palette for this collection. Their collection is more towards the romantic direction.  

They say, "save the best for last"... My jaw literally dropped as the model turned around to show off the back part of the gown. Stunning!

Video of Moiselle finale for your viewing pleasure.

I got so excited when the first model came out. I can definitely see myself wearing all their clothes! Minimalism at its best! 

Love how they played with print on print, textures, and ultra bright colors. 

I can't help it but to say that this is so meeee! 

Major in love with this shocking pink suit! Ahhhhhh. 

Video of Germain finale for your viewing pleasure.

Such a great event. I enjoyed both shows although I was there all alone. Lol. 
Thank you Tashah from Media Flair Communication for your kind invitation!

2 Bay Front Avenue, Shop B1-142, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

2 Bay Front Avenue, Shop 01-26, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands