Friday, September 27, 2013


Last Tuesday, my girl Claire invited me to be her +1 for Timotei's Media Launch. When I learnt that they will be giving complimentary refreshing hair wash with Paraben-free Timotei shampoo and a luxurious hair massage, I accepted her invitation immediately! 

I have a weakness for hair massage! It's just blissful and makes me wanna sleep. LOL. At the same time, I was also excited to find out more about Timotei hair products. 

The launch was held at a hair salon in Winsland House named Backstage.

While we wait for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, I roamed around the salon and took some pictures. Simply adore the presentation. Petals were scattered every where.

I'm obsessed with Macaroons!

The host for the day was Maddy from Kiss 92. Isn't she pretty?

We were told that Timotei shampoo was once highly raved in Singapore but it got discontinued (I think?). Fret not because SDL Group (Singapore) is bringing Timotei back in Singapore! Yay!

An introduction of Timotei:

Timotei shampoo was launched in Sweden in the 1970s, and introduced to the UK & Ireland in 1983 with a promise that was revolutionary at the time. The success of shampoo led to a growing range of new formulas: Timotei's first conditioner was launched in the UK & Ireland in 1985; a skincare range in 1988; dandruff shampoo in 1990 and "Honey & Almond Milk" formulations in 1992. In 2010 Timotei’s entire range has been reformulated with 100% Natural extracts to leave hair feeling & looking more healthy & beautiful.

Today, it is an iconic brand all around the world, and similarly produces lasting, beautiful results for women everywhere.

Bloggers were pampered with a complimentary hair wash and massage using Timotei Shine Recharge shampoo and conditioner. They even had an interesting activity lined up for other bloggers who didn't intend to have their hair washed. And that is... creating our own terrarium!

Claire and I couldn't wait to get our hair pampered by the stylists, so we chiong to the hair wash station for a hair wash and massage! Auntie much?

I walked out of the "hair wash station" smelling all nice. Super love the "after shampoo" smell! Does that even make sense? Haha.

Hair makeover in progress!

 How can this woman still look good even when her hair looks like that? Haha.

When the Stylist asked me what sort of hair style I would like, I couldn't decide.

"Do curls on my hair!"

"Eh wait ah. I think straight hair would be cool."

"Eh but which hair style suits my face ah?"

Yup. I was so fickle minded. Contemplated between curls or straight hair. I wanted the Stylist to blow my hair straight but suddenly remembered that the shape of my face is round. Having a straight - flat hair will even make your face rounder. So curl it is! Mmmhmm Bo-ring

Mad love for the curls that the Stylist did for me. I even got compliments from other bloggers!

Claire and I after our hair makeover!

Got introduced to Hayley by Claire. Such a sweet girl.

At the end of the day, we brought home beautiful, soft and shiny hair, some compact photos, and a jar of Terrarium! Thank you Timotei and PR team for organizing such a fun activity. Who would have thought that a mini gardening would be so much fun? Always thought it's boring. Hah.

Here's my Terrarium that I have created during the event. Sadly, it doesn't look as good as that anymore because before I left the event, I lost my grip and the jar slipped off from my hands. So yup. It's ruined now. I'm so upset. All my efforts goneeeee! Gone just like that, you know!

Gotta thank my girl, Claire for bringing me along! I had so much fun and it was great to finally catch up with you again. 

Here are the full range of Timotei Shampoo that includes:

400ml, S$6.90 each
For normal to dull hair, the best-selling Shine Recharge range is infused with
natural sesame oil extracts that freshens up your hair and boosts shine.

400ml, S$6.90 each
For dry and damaged hair, the Intense Repair range is infused with natural
avocado oil for extensive repairing properties, extra nourishment and
improved smoothness.
400ml, S$6.90 each
For normal hair, the 2-in-1 Delicate Shampoo is infused with natural sweet
almond oil extracts that gently cleans, moisturizes and conditions for
lustrous, smooth hair.
400ml, S$6.90 each
 For dry and damaged hair, the 2-in-1 Intense Shampoo is infused with
natural coco oil extracts that cleans, nourishes and conditions your hair to
reveal it at its most beautiful finish.

After looking at Timotei full range of shampoos. I think their 2-in1 Intense Shampoo would suit me the best. Here's why.

- It's obvious that I have damaged and dry hair. 
- CONVENIENT! It's a combo of shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. That being said, you can definitely save the hassle of doing a second round of hair wash.
- Save more time for someone who is lazy ass like me. OR if you're running late, you don't have to worry of skipping another (conditioning) step cause it's a 2-in-1 shampoo! Remember? 

All above are just my thoughts. Then again, each individual have their own preference. I've been using shampoo and conditioner separately for the longest time actually. But I really wanna try their 2-in-1 shampoo to see if it works the same! 

Retailing at such an affordable price. 
Hurry go get yours now!

Available exclusively at selected Guardian Stores including, ION Orchard,
Paragon, Plaza Singapura, 313@somerset, Tanglin Mall, Suntec City, VivoCity, Serangoon
NEX, JEM and Jurong Point.