Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty 360 Salon Review

I needed a good full body massage after all the late night work, therefore I decided to purchase a massage voucher from since you know... they have a better deal there! And then I chanced upon this promo ad.

"Why not?", I thought to myself. Then I decided to look at their second option and I saw this...

120-Min Face & Body Indulgence at Pretty 360 
- Full Body Massage + Back Mask + Radiant White 360 Facial + Eye & Neck Care + Shoulder Massage + Eyebrow Trim

Does the promotion looks tempting to you? Cause it sure did tempt me!

Like come on! I can't miss this offer. I immediately purchased the voucher and called them to make an appointment for the weekend. Unfortunately, the slots for weekend were all taken. I asked them for the earliest slot that they are available, but the lady insist in putting me on waiting list for that Sunday, which I gladly agreed to it. 

No calls from them to inform me if my appointment has been confirmed, therefore I assumed my appointment will be rescheduled. But on the day itself, I received a call from them asking me if I'm able to make it on that same day. Initially I was a bit reluctant because it's too last minute but decided to go ahead with it since I was sort of plan-less that day. Hah. 

Upon arrival, I was asked for my I/C for verification purposes after which the staff directed me to the massage area which is located in another unit nearby. 

My impressions on Pretty 360 Salon:

They made clients wait.

For instance -  

1. Waited for my room to be prepared takes about 5-8minutes.

2. Waited for the therapist to be ready when I was all set on the bed takes 15minutes

3. While therapist was doing facial on me, her co-worker called for some help. And yes, I had to wait for another 20 Mins. With that, the duration of my facial was slightly shortened.

4. During my body massage session, a masseuse did my treatment half way and she had to leave the room to treat another client. Again I had to wait for about 10-15 Mins for someone to replace her. 

Verdict: Too much of waiting game! 

Hard sell, hard sell and hard sell!

Being in retail line before, I totally understand that staffs need to meet their monthly target which may sometimes led them to get a little too persistent. HOWEVER, they need to stop pushing their clients further if we had clearly rejected to take up the package. 

During my facial treatment, the therapist tried to make me sign up for their package for FOUR TIMES, when I have politely declined. It's funny how she kept decreasing the price of the package every time I declined. She even offered me a student price (LOL) and wanted to throw in some free bottles of serum for me if nobody's around. Haha. When all fails, she asked about my budget. I didn't want to be rude and snap at her so I just kept my cool.

Then comes the removal of my back mask. The same therapist asked if I wanted to sign up for their body treatment package. 

After my session ended, I thought I could leave the salon for good. But nope. I was about to take the lift when my therapist called me back to (according to her) sign some documents and have a cup of tea. That was all bullshit la. Another therapist tried to psycho me to sign up for their package. Again when all fails, she suggested that I may consider taking up the package and pay them by installment or take up the student package. Zzzzz. 

Verdict: Persistent therapists. Remember ladies, don't be too soft hearten  Always give a firm NO if you didn't intend to sign up for their package. You wouldn't wanna feel with full of regrets.


Never in my entire life I had different people doing massage on me on that same day. During my treatment, a Malay lady treated me for about 15 mins and then she had to leave to treat another client. After which she was replaced by another therapist to treat the remaining 15minutes. I thought that was really unprofessional. 

But I have to say that the Malay lady who did my massage was really good! Her grips were firm. I love it!

I love both actually but I just prefer my therapist to be the same throughout my session instead of interchanging, you know?

Apparently, the massage only lasted for 30mins. The other 30mins was spent on back mask -_-. I strongly feel that the mechanics used on their advert have definitely mislead their customers into thinking that the duration of massage is 60 minutes. I feel so cheated. Really. 

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy my treatment at Pretty 360 Salon at all. Not gonna patronize their salon after this. 

190 Clemenceau avenue. 
Singapore shopping centre
S (239924)


Jeffrey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

HI Nurul,

I think that you are not the only one that is unhappy with pretty 360 services. You can view even more comments on my blog as well.

Mia Foo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I feel you. I was tricked into signing up a VPL package when I bought their streetdeal coupon for ipl. It's only my 4th session out of the 12 ytd, and they hard sell me "better" packages with more sessions for nearly 1 hr after I've changed out of my clothes and laid down on the bed before my VPL session. I mean, when you try to up my streetdeal ipl to a friggin 3k VPL package, you told me I need 12 sessions. Now with new "promo", you say I need minimum 15 sessions. Like, wth?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I bought a Groupon for 3 facials from Immortelle 360 which is the same address as this location, after reading other posts I learned that this company has different names. I had the worst experience ever, they had no idea what they offered on Groupon and they were very pushy about selling things making the whole experience the opposite of what you would get out of a facial.

While laying on the bed, covered in towels, with a huge magnifying glass and a bright light shining down on me...vulnerable and everything, I had 2 people insisting that I should upgrade to a moisturizing treatment which was $188. After politely telling them over and over again that I just wanted to stick to my services provided, they finally went away. Then during my facial, the therapist tried to upgrade me again for an additional $45 to get a massage on my eye area. Afterwards they pulled me in a room and tried to get me to purchase a package for 1300 saying that I wont see the full effects unless I have a few treatments done. For Pete's sake, it's a facial! After turning them down, they still tried to lower the price. To make matters worse, she even said it's a really good deal, they just need my credit card information.