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Transitioning into the Autumn Winter season, New Look and OMY have kindly invited us to attend their Style workshop and at the same time, preview its new collection! Sounds exciting!

Yes I may have my own sense of style and I bet you do too but I thought, it doesn't hurt to attend this workshop. 
Why, you asked? 


1. It's free (very Singaporean material right?)
2. You learn about the new trends and styling tips from the fashion experts

3. You meet new people - Mingling with other fellow bloggers.  
4. Enjoy free delicious pastries. I kid. 

5. AND you get to preview New Look's latest collection! so...why not? 

OH BTW. To all you Fashionistas who are reading this, listen up! Wanna enjoy 10% off your purchase from New Look? Read on to find out!

Unlike my usual Saturday mornings, my morning was spent at Suntec City New Look store. 
10.30am, everyone were already assembled in front of the store. Most of us were early. Including yours truly. Heh. 11am sharp, we were ushered into the store. 

A little information about New Look.

New Look is a British fast fashion brand and was founded in 1969. To date, it has over a thousand stores worldwide and currently known to be the 2nd largest retailer in the UK women's clothing and accessories. Every week, New Look would inject newness to their store. Hence, customers can anticipate for new designs weekly! 

Back to where we are - The session started and we were introduced to their Autumn Winter 2013 collection. I picked up a few tips through this styling workshop! And because I'm so generous like that, I'm gonna share with you the tips that I've learnt. (You can thank me later. Tee hee.)

New Look's Autumn Winter 2013 collection was divided into 3 looks.

1. Baboushka
Inspired by Tapestry florals and Russian glamour. 

Baboushka focuses on ravishing knitwear, intricate embroidery and statement outerwear that is effortlessly stylish and loaded with luxe.

Style tips for Baboushka. 
Tapestry dress + Slouchy cardigan + statement piece necklace


Tapestry skirt + white top + a pair of oxfords. 

MUST HAVE PIECE: Tapestry Dress

2. New Model Army
Inspired by Leather details, zips, and animal prints. 

New Model Army is essentially a collection of wardrobe VIPS reworked with indulgent textures, luxe fabrics and injected with a burst of color or print.

Style tips for New Model Army Look. 

Blazer + Animal Print top + Asymmetrical Skirt

MUST HAVE PIECE: Asymmetrical Skirt

3. Grunge
Inspired by Dark blooms and tartan. 

Grunge contrasts Tough and Rough with pretty, ultra-feminine highlights to capture the true spirit of 90's 'Grunge'

MUST HAVE PIECE: Tartan Wrap Top

Some style tips to take note for the Autumn Season!

- Lose the bulk
- Layer with thin garments 
- Sleeveless items 

We had a mini style team challenge. Angela, Felicia and I were assigned into a team and we were to create a baboushka look. 

Because the three of us had different ideas in our mind and little time was given to hunt for a perfect look, we suggested that we should just pick up whatever pieces that meets the theme. consolidate and then choose whichever ensemble we liked. Good strategy anot?

Miss Angela here busy finding a size for our model. 

And then we have Felicia here, having a tough time deciding which accessories to pick.

So we got Felicia to try into 3 different outfits that each of us has created.

Look #1 - Styled by Angela.

Look #2 - Styled by me

Look #3 - Styled by Felicia herself

We discussed and the team decided to use my look for the presentation. Thanks guys! 

Can you believe it that this lady here is a Mother of 2 kids?! How can?! Anyways, we made her to be our model because she's the tallest among us and she has a nice pair of legs. Heh. 

Presentation by other teams.

The team who won the challenge. Congrats ladies! 

Here's a picture of my team!

After the workshop was over and one by one the bloggers begin to leave the store, I decided to stay for a bit to walk around the store and try some of their pieces just to show you a rough idea on how you can style them. 

I didn't wanna pick so much pieces cause I feel so bad for the staffs - They already had like pile of clothes in the fitting room to clear, therefore i came up with 3 looks only la. So here goes...


For this ensemble, I wanted to play around with textures. Therefore, I picked Jacquard and knit. 
I also wanted to achieve that sweet and demure look by using pastel colors.

If you think heels are a bit too troublesome for you, put on a ballerina flats! That will instantly gives you a sweet-girl next door impression. 


Mad love for these 2 skirts here. 

I like this for its asymmetric zipper detail. Such a simple skirt yet so chic!

And I like this skater skirt for its structure. Very flirty looking. 
And so, I decided to pick the skater skirt for this look. Instead of pairing this Skater skirt with your usual basic white tee, try pairing it with a graphic tee for a cool look. Then, throw in a tartan shirt and tie it around your waist just to give a little bit of that "rebel attitude". 

Of course you can match this with a pair of chunky heels or sneakers!


This dress may look too (in the tone of Ris Low) "boomz" for its bold color and prints but you can simply tone it down by layering it over with a blazer or slouchy cardigan.

If you wanna be slightly adventurous, try sporting this look with a pair wedge sneakers and tough it up with a leather biker jacket and you're good to go!

Okay okay I'm sorry to have taken up your time with my long winded post, so here's how you can enjoy their current promotion. Simple! 

Just quote "omy bloggers" at New Look stores and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items.

REMEMBER it's valid from 14th September - 30th September only. 
Don't wait too long!

I had no intention to spend on anything when I was at the store (overspent this month!) but err... I couldn't resist this pair of sneaker wedge that was seated beautifully on the shelves together with her friends. Lol. Been wanting to get a pair of that though. 

Come in this color too! 

Retailing at $63.90. So if you quote "omy bloggers" to their friendly staffs during this period (14th September - 30th September), it will be $57.51 only! Applies to all other regular priced items not just this.


3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-151/157 Suntec City Mall S038983


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