Friday, July 05, 2013

Audi Fashion Festival 2013

My third consecutive year being involved in the Audi Fashion Festival for my brand. Unlike any other years, this year the venue is held near Singapore Flyer. There are of course the pros and cons of the venue.

Pros- Wider space and peaceful. Beautiful view too!

Cons- Not so convenient for us who come by public. Nearest Circle Line station is Promenade. Can you imagine the long walk, especially if you are in heels? Madness! By the time I reached the venue, I was heavily panting and perspiring. I am not kidding you. Pfft.

So what did we do when our jobs are done?

That's right.

We CAMWHORE at the runway!

The first faces to open the show.

A little peek at the backstage.

Wahhhhh so cute!

My favorite gown! I waaaant! But nope. My parents would kill me. Cause to them, it's too revealing. :(

I love this too! I can bet with you my parents would approve this dress but of course I will have to put a bra on la. I remember during the Fall Winter 2013 Market Week, I told Brendan that it looks like a Baju Kurung  (Malay traditional costume) to me. I don't mind wearing this for Hari Raya, you know! Heh.

My favorite also! Aiyah I have so many favorites one.

The creative minds behind the collection. They are none other than, my bosses! Wahaha.

If you wish to view the rest of the collection, click here!

With the colleague + event photographer of the day - RayRay

Disclaimer: Photos are taken by my colleague, Raymond and an external photographer we engaged.