Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two down, who's next?

For the umpteenth time, this post is so overdue but I still insist on having this in my blog because it involves my girls’ happiest day.

Two of my girls have recently got engaged and I was so excited about it like as though I'm the one getting engaged. Haha.

GG's Engagement

As usual our gentleman friend, Audi picked us up at our place and headed to GG's engagement ceremony.

And us being girls, decided to camwhore at the back seat. Wahaha.

Here comes the pretty girl!

I was actually contemplating which of these 2 photos I should be posting and then I end up posting both because I couldn't decide. Haha.

He hates it whenever I snap pictures of him, but you think I care meh? I donch care!  

Haha. That is Badd's hand btw. She joined in and bully my boyfriend. Mmmhmm this is why we are best friends. Muahahahaha.

Hahaha silly girl!


Badd's Engagement

Okay so two down, who will be the next one getting engaged? We have a total of 9 girls left including myself. Mine will take donkey years la cause I spent all my money on shoes. I'm left with $0.00 in my savings account. So don't even bother asking when's my turn.