Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bugis+ Star Style Blogger 2013

Allow me to apologize for this late update as I only managed to have the photos downloaded after many many tries! Thank you, Alvin  and Cao yang  for the photos!

After days of planning, it's finally the actual day of the event. 

Some individuals may think that this may be easy for me because I have a fashion background but that's where they're wrong. It's kind of different from my job-scope. This competition is totally a new thing for me! The challenges require me to do the following:

1. Conceptualize a theme for my showcase
2. Recruit 6 models
3. Style 12 looks according to my theme
4. Loan and return items from participating tenants
5. Select your own runway music and burn them into a CD
6. Choreography

Do note that everything has to be done within a week! Of course I had my gan cheong mode on. Okay I shan't bore you with words anymore. Enjoy the visuals! 

Err.. Hello? The three of you should be listening to meeeee! Not smile to the camera! Pfft!

If you need to laugh at my naked face. Please do so. I deserve it. Hahahahaha.

omg Erma! Is you a ghost? :O

This has got to be my most unglamorous photo everrrrr! Mmmokay not really. I think the photos of me without any make up are! HAHA.

By the way, totes loving the make up on me. It was Nas' work. You may contact her here if you wish to engage her to do your make up. (Heh. Sorry ah I promote a bit. Good things must share.) Honestly, I never really liked others to draw my brows because they usually do a bad job! I looked terrible! But our Nas here did a good job when she drew my brows. I have no complains.:B

Before I forget, allow me to thank Missha for kindly sponsoring us their great make up products. I have to say that I'm truly impressed with their products. Love their liquid eyeliner the most. It's really pigmented.

Okay sorry, I got too distracted talking about make up. Back to the visuals!

The fellow bloggers. Man we should have taken a photo together or something!

The panel of judges
Left to Right:
Fong Fan (Celebrity Stylist) | Lee Kuan Fung (Associate Editor) | Samuel Wong (Fashion Designer)

I had to come on stage to explain to the judges about my theme and inspirations behind it. I swear my whole body trembled! I was really nervous. I think everyone could tell. I mean, look at my posture! Look at my awkward fingers. Hahaha.

The session went well. The host actually made me feel slightly less nervous. So, thank you! Whoever you are. Sorry I didn't catch your name! :/

Can't recall what I was blabbering. Probably I said something lame. Hence, the reaction by the host. HAHA.

Kinda feel disturbed looking at my floral pants now. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of Kim K. STAHHHHPPPPP!

Photo credit:

Kim K, you just ruined my love for floral prints. Hmmpfff!

ANYWAYSSSSS, the show begins with Nas opening it!

Aww my cute little Ranger.
Worn on Nas:
Outerwear - New Look | Aztec dress - New Look

Worn on Maybeline:
Crop Top - New Look | Skinny Jeans - New Look

 Worn on Shanice: 
Top - New Look | Skirt - Aeropostale

Worn on Audi: 
Top - Furrmuse | Chinos - Furrmuse

This Khat looks like a barbie doll!
Worn on Khat:
Top - Shana | Floral Leggings - Shana

Worn on Erma:
Top - Shana | Pants - Lacquar


Worn on Maybeline:
Dress - Lacquar

Worn on Nas:
Top - Lacquar | Skirt - Lacquar

Worn on Shanice:
Outerwear - New Look | Lace Dress - Aeropostale

Worn on Audi:
Top - Furrmuse | Chinos - Furrmuse | Bow Tie - Furrmuse

Aww look at them blowing and catching kisses!

Worn on Khat:
Polka Top - Aeropostale | Floral Pants - Aeropostale

So pretty for what?! (sorry please ignore my captions. I can't help it. lol)
Worn on Erma:
Lime Top - Aeropostale | Floral Dress - Aeropostale

Here comes the final walk!

I feel like I'm the "Chong" (Translation: Leader) and the rest are my minions! Eh no la. They are all my beautiful models! Mmmuahhh!

When Frederick told me to choreograph a final group pose, I instantly thought of GAP. No really! So I told my models, "Think GAP!"

GAP Spring Summer Campaign

And tadaaaa ~
They deliver what I wanted! My models are super talented please.

Congrats Kelly on the win! I sincerely feel you deserve the tittle. We all can see the efforts that you have put in.

Caren and Joel, please do not be disheartened or disappointed. Both of you are a winner too. Personally, I feel your showcases were great! 

Joel, love the monochrome looks you're doing and I totes enjoyed watching your models! They're really good. You did great in the choreography, my friend! ;)

Caren, the looks that you have put up were interesting! And they were categorized very neatly. Lovessss.

Side track a bit ah. This lady here has got to be my most favorite model among the rest! (my models are excluded ok. Cause they are my favorite too.) Love the x-factor in her! Good choice, Joel! ;)

I won second in place. Alhamdulillah. I didn't put any high hopes on winning. I was just doing it out of fun and my passion for styling. Ecstatic to know that I got the second place. 

Thank you dear models for working the outfit and of course rock the runway! I can never thank them enough for willingly agreed to help me out. They burned their weekend just for me, you know. Without them, my showcase will not happened! So yes, models play apart in this too.

Thank you Fifa for coming all the way down to support us! Mmmuah!

Got home feeling all exhausted and I was greeted with a Facebook message. This message instantly brightened up my night! I swear. I hope Joey doesn't mind me sharing this cause it really means a lot to me! heh. I thought it's really sweet of her mum to make her convey this message to me. Thanks both! :)

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