Monday, April 22, 2013

Theme Inspirations

You would be wondering what theme will I be presenting for my showcase on the 27th April. Allow me to give you some hints through the following pictures.

Photo credits: tumblr
Photo credits:

Photo credits: tumblr

Photo credits: tumblr

Photo credits: Google

Any idea what theme I'm going for after looking at the pictures? I can bet with you they are really easy to guess. I hope the tenants have what I'm looking for. Haven't done a proper sourcing yet as my schedule has been tight lately. Gotta squeeze some time to do it this week by hook or by crook! Or else, I'm doomed!
Models wise, I still need to recruit another model to fill in the slot! WHO CAN HELP MEEEEE?!

Speaking of which, I need to start searching for music that would suit my theme too! GAHHHHHHH!