Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hearts. On. Fireeeee!

They say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Agree?

Well you will know why they are if you keep scrolling. 

(Pssst... You could also win an Illa Pendant Necklace for yourself! All the more you should read this entry till the end! Muahaha.)

Few weeks ago, I was invited to preview the latest Illa collection and also given a chance to meet the world-renowned Master diamond cutter, Brian McHardy. 

A little info about Brian McHardy, he was born in South Africa and has more than 3 decades of experience in crafting diamonds. Ahuh, 3 decades! Brian has served as the Master Diamond Cutter at Hearts On Fire since 1999 and has travelled worldwide to represent Hearts On Fire and demonstrate the art and science of cutting the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.

I admire how enthusiastic he was during the demonstration  It clearly shows that he has so much passion in it!

During the workshop, he shared with us some behind the scene knowledge on the creation of the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. He even did a demo on cutting of diamond for us bloggers to see! Amazed at how many stages of cutting the diamonds have to go through in order to achieve its significant shape.

This is how diamonds look like before it is being cut. Raw diamonds! 

"Did you see how DJs normally spins? Yeah they copied us.", Brian jokes. 
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Quite a funny guy la this one.

After the demonstrations done by Brian, I was then brought to tour around the pop up store to preview the latest Illa Collection! And of course I didn't waste teeny bit of the opportunity to try on the exquisite diamond pieces. Tried on as much as I could! Muahaha.

Illa Collection was designed by the Director of Design at Hearts On Fire, Ilaria Lanzoni. Her designs were inspired by the night sky which dates back to her childhood years in Italy. The collection now captures a piece of the night sky and shooting stars.


The highlight of the day is the Illa constellation bracelet! My jaw literally dropped when I saw the bracelet seated neatly in the glass showcase. Like this...

Ok I exaggerated. Haha. Anyway, it was love at first sight! I instantly fell in love with it. Such a statement piece! 

Photoshop-ed out my neon necklace cause it doesn't gel together. I think you can tell from the picture cause let's be honest. I suck at it! But hey, it's the effort that counts hokaaay. Haha.

Bet you are already eager to find out about the price of the bracelet right? There you have it!

Price: $670, 990
18K White Gold Bracelet
476 diamonds weighing 40 carats
61 dream diamonds weighing 28.33 carats

I asked Wan if he would buy this for me as a wedding gift (IF we’re married someday, that is), he rolled his eyes. RUDE!

Illa Right Hand Ring
Price: $29, 620
18K White Gold
102 Diamonds weighing 3.6 carats

This is how it looks on me.

It was one of my favorite from the Illa Collection! I was told that it actually comes in left hand ring too. I love how it actually looks like a connector ring when worn. Tsk. I just have a thing for chunky jewellery pieces.

Paired the Illa Right Hand ring with the Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace. 

Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace

Price: $34, 560
18K White Gold Necklace
69 Diamonds weighing 4.38 carats

This pendant necklace from the Lace Collection also double up as a brooch!

Here I give you a brief idea on how to style with H.O.F pieces - Formal and casual way.

Outfit 1: Formal. 
Ideal for: Date night / Dinner and Dance / Big Events

Go minimalist! You have Illa Constellation Bracelet to glam up your whole outfit. So skip the necklace or rings! Trust me you wouldn't wanna look like a Christmas tree. However, if you insist on wearing a pair of earrings, go for ear studs.

Outfit 2: Casual
Ideal for: Party / Girls Night Out / Fashion Events

The idea of this outfit is to be fun even though you are wearing such a dark and gloomy clothing. So as to rock this look, layer all 3 Illa Pendant necklace for that grunge look. Slip on the bracelet and ring from the Copley collection. Lastly, to complete this look, don't forget to sling over that satchel of yours! There you go, your outfit shines instantly.

Do you know that H.O.F was also worn on these celebrities?

Marcia Cross of "Desperate Housewives"
Hearts On Fire Dresses Marcia Cross for the Emmys

Christa B Allen of "Revenge.
My favourite girl of Revenge! She’s really pretty. Somehow I feel she resembles Mandy Moore + Jennifer Garner.

Actress Christa B. Allen, star of Revenge, shows off her Hearts On Fire diamond necklace and ring at the ELLE Women in Television Dinner on January 24. Margarita Levieva from Revenge also wore several pieces of Hearts On Fire jewelry to the intimate event.  (PRNewsFoto/Hearts On Fire)

This may sound weird but after previewing the Illa collection, it somehow reminds me of the sparkles and glitters from the disco ball we see in night clubs. I fancy how the object itself could hype up a dull ambiance by reflecting light directed at different directions, which produced a unique display. I'm the kind who gets easily fascinated with these kind of things. Haha.

Can you see how obsessed we are with Hearts on Fire? Especially Claire! Look at the multiple rings on her fingers! What have you done to us, TianPo?

Thank you for being so accommodating, ladies! Appreciate it loads!

And thank you TianPo & H.O.F for having us! It was a really good opportunity and experience, I must say.

Okay here comes the part that you have been waiting for. All you need to do to win the Illa Pendant Necklace is...

2. "Like" my blog post on their Facebook page by 29th April 2359hrs

*Note that you can only "Like" one blogger's post, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Yes, it is THAT easy. So what are you waiting for? Go to TianPo's Facebook page and "Like" my post ok? (buay paiseh mode on). 
Remember, you can only vote for one blogger only. No multiple votings! Or else disqualified. :/


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