Thursday, January 31, 2013

24th Birthday

That's a (cake) birthday card btw. It's from le best friend. Heh. 

18th January was my birthday. It's the day I turned 24. The number keeps increasing as the years go by. HATE IT TO THE MAX!

Strangely, I still feel I'm in my teenage years. No, really. I keep thinking that I'm 18 but my mum just had to remind me over and over again that I'm 24 this year and I should start saving up for marriage. Yawnzzz..boringggg...Yawnzzz. She also added that she gave birth to me at the age of 24. Stahpppppp!

Four days before my birthday.

The colleagues (Brendan, Ming Qi and Linette) decided to surprise me with these! Hehehehe. Can you imagine receiving this on a Monday? No more Monday blues after that! Hahaha.

Clutch bag from Topshop and accessories from Lovisa.

And I was like....


Another clutch bag and accessories added to my collection! If you must know, I am so so so obsessed with clutch bags and jewelry! Teehee.

Funny how my close friends doesn't really know my style (I can bet with you on that!) but my colleagues does! Hahaha. Fine, maybe cause the colleagues see me everyday. But then again, my friends have seen me for years! What is this?! Hah.

Thank you for all the gifts guyssss!

One hour before my birthday.

As usual (it's like a tradition), dad would buy me a cake on the my birthday eve and then the whole family will sing me a birthday song as I cut the cake. Haha. Dad also got me a perfume! Maybe he knows I stink. Sigh.

After the clock strikes midnight.

At around 1-ish in the morning, the boys appeared at my doorstep waiting to surprise me with a tub of Ben & Jerry ice cream. Hehehehehe. How sweet. Thank you boys!

On my birthday!

The next day (which is my birthday), le boyfriend brought me to S.E.A Aquarium. That idiot suck at planning and making surprises! He says it's his first time. What?! Invalid excuse!

We were in the monorail when he turned to me and asked, "Do you know which station to alight?"

Honey, you're bringing me to a place which you don't know where to alight at?? Why you like that, Ridhwan? Whyyyyyyy?

Actually I also don't know la but thankfully smarty pants me figured that the rest of the stations are beach stations so we alighted at the first station. And I was right! 


I will blog about the trip to S.E.A Aquarium on another post. If not this post will be damnnnn long!


Yes yes you suck at planning and surprising me on my birthday, but I appreciate the effort that you have put in. HAHA. Love you baby!

Post Birthday.

Lastly, just few days ago, the best friend asked me out to celebrate my belated birthday. She got me an Osim neck massager! Hahahaha. I SO deserve that for working long hours in the office. She even treated me  dinner and movie. Thank you darling. Thank you for taking away your rest day to spend it with me. Mmmmuahhh!

Please excuse my smelly face. Didn't bother to apply eyeliner. Badd literally laughed at me when she saw me in this state. Haha yes. That's what best friends are for.

Now that I'm 24, older and wiser (lol), I don't really care about birthday gifts. I mean, yes of course I'll be happy when people buy me gifts and if they don't, it didn't really matter. What's important to me is... to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones.

What's the best gift I got so far on my 24th birthday, you asked? Hugs and kisses from my mum that I have been yearning. :') I love you, mother!