Monday, December 10, 2012

Lark: The Spa Atelier

Few months ago, I bought a pair of body massage + spa vouchers on Groupon. I was supposed to go with the best friend. I mean, that’s the reason why I bought 2 vouchers instead of 1 right? We eventually delayed the appointment for months because both of us had a hectic schedule.

Finally found a day that both of us are available so I immediately called them to book a slot. To my disappointment, we weren’t allowed to do a body massage together. Not that they didn’t allow us, it’s just that they only have a room for massage and another room for spa. In short, their parlour is really tiny!

Err... I was the last customer that night. Hence, the "closed" sign.

You know I initially thought the lady who picked up my call was lying to me! Yes, very mean of me to have such thought right? Haha. It was only until I turned up at the par lour for my appointment that I realised she wasn't lying. Hahahaha. I so deserve a bitch slap from her.

Tracy was my masseuse for that night. She’s a Malaysian. Though her English wasn't fluent, I can still see that she’s trying. Throughout my treatment, she didn't realise of my race. Only as I was about to leave the par lour that she realised I’m Malay. She slaps her forehead and said, “Aiyah I forgot you Malay. I can speak Bahasa Melayu to you! My English not good.” Hahaha. It’s alright Tracy!

So ya la, I booked a slot at 7pm last Wednesday. The par lour is situated at Hotel Royal. The fact that my office is situated at Science Park, of course I will be late la right? Arrived Novena at 7pm and queued for a cab. Tracy called me when I was in the cab to check if I was coming. She sounded so polite despite me being late! 

Similar to all other par lours, I had to fill up some forms before proceeding with my session. Before the spa, Tracy explained to me its dos and don’ts during the treatment – which are all pretty clear to me. She also informed me that I might experience some itchiness during the session due to the oil that they used. But it’s totally normal though. According to her again, it usually happens to people who doesn't exercise regularly. Mmmkay. Glad I didn't experience any of that during the treatment because I err… don’t exercise regularly!  Hahaha. I am hopeless la!

Nah! A glimpse of my sexy + hairy thigh for you to see. 

Body massage session was the bomb! I love every minute of it. And when they meant full body massage, they really mean it. Unlike other massage par lours I went, they totally skipped the front side of my body. Lark Spa was different. Tracy massaged every parts of my body... except for the sensitive areas la! -_-

All in all, it was a pleasant session. I so deserve those treats for staying late in the office for 3 consecutive nights. Pfftt!

Lark: The Spa Atelier

Address: 36 Newton Road, 307964
Phone:  6356 8750
Hours: Sunday hours 10:00 am–6:00 pm


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

heh, here i am reading your blog again! still hooked... anyway i dont want to come across as a psychotic no lifer stalker so im just gonna leave my blog add behind :p

oh and great post! (:

btw, my name is haryanti. hi!

Nurul Ali said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hello Haryanti!

I don't find my blog that interesting, but glad you're hooked to it. HAHA. And no, don't say that! You're not a stalker laaa. You're just a reader who came across my blog. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and introduce yourself. :)